Are Mobile Phone Devices Safe?

by Paul Fitzgerald - Date: 2008-08-15 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

Everyone has heard about the dangerous radiation that may come from personal mobile devices. The question is, is there truth in them? Scientists have spent time and effort to see if this is actually so. The unfortunate answer is yes. However, there is not much weight on the evidence found by scientists. Radiation from mobile devices increases your risk of certain cancers, Alzheimer's even high blood pressure.

Scientists have said that it could take many, many years for this to occur. There are however, some things you can do to reduce your risk of radiation-effected health concerns.

One thing you can do, is to keep your cell phone calls short. Talking on your mobile for hours and hours is not very safe. If you use head sets, use the airtube kind. They are more safe than the original wired ones. The wired ones, are known to effect the inner ear canal. This is because the wire on them attracts electromagnetic fields because it works like an antenna. Also, do not put the cell phone to your head until the call is actually connected.

Another way to reduce risk in children is limit their cell phone use. Children's bodies are still growing and developing, so the electromagnetic fields can damage their undeveloped skull.

Wear your mobile on your belt? Do not wear it on your person unless it is turned off. Your body tissue can absorb radiation even more so than your head. In men it can also decrease their number of sperm. The area that you choose to use your cell phone may also effect your health. If you use your mobile phone in an elevator it can be harmful. This is because the metal surrounding the elevator traps in the radiation.

Charge your cell phone! When you cell phone battery is going down it works double time to get the connection. If your phone is fully charged it will lower the electromagnetic field rays.

New phones have a Specific Absorption Rate listed in their instruction manual. This tells you the amount of radio frequency your body may absorb. Radio frequency rates should be as low as possible! If you are seriously concerned about electromagnetic field rates, purchase an electromagnetic field protection device. These are scientifically approved, and come in two forms.

One is a small box you wear on your person, the other is an actual device for your mobile phone.

This device helps keep your immune system strong and safe from electromagnetic fields. This is important because the radiation in cell phones can decrease your immune system; decreasing health.

Take a daily vitamin supplement. Your body is able to protect itself better when you are healthy. Here are some specific natural vitamin supplements to keep in mind. These are: Gingko, Bilberry, Zinc and Melatonin. Each of these are powerful, effective anti-oxidants.

Though the risk is still small, these hints will help you stay healthy and safe when using your cell phone.

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