When Should I Tell My Other Children That I Am Pregnant?

by Julie ann Tomaro - Date: 2008-07-30 - Word Count: 295 Share This!

This articles helps you in preparing to tell your other children that you are pregnant.

Your child's age will play a factor in determining how your child or children will react to your new pregnancy. For example a toddler might not understand the concept of pregnancy until they actually see the new baby when he or she is born. Sharing the news with a preschool aged child may be confusing because they may not understand why they have to wait so many months to meet their new baby brother or sister.

The news of your pregnancy may make your child feel nervous, threatened or unloved. It is important to talk to your child about how they will be a big brother or big sister, because the feelings that they are experiencing will be a normal reaction to your pregnancy. They'll notice your changing shape and overhear conversations about the pregnancy so it is important to make time for your children and to give him or her space when needed. It is also important to offer reassurance that you will provide enough love to be passed around to all of your children. Remember to wait until you are in your second trimester before spreading your news, my cousin's friend told her daughter she was expecting and a month later she miscarried. It was very difficult for her to explain to her daughter why she wouldn't be a big sister.

One friend of mine set a couple of nights aside right before her daughter was born to spend some time alone with her older daughter before the baby was born. She explained to her daughter that while the new baby, Hailey will take up a lot of her time, she still loves both of them very much and that she will make special nights for just her.





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