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One ad has been exposed through CNN recently. It is short, but beginning with the track shoes for morning exercise, it covers from the daily supplies, such as the refrigerator that cools juice and stylish dress, to the high-tech products, such as electronic communication devices and even aircrafts. All products appear in this ad are labeled with two sentences as the footnote: "Made in China" and - when it is about fashion- "with French designers", which means "Made in China, cooperated with French designers" in Chinese. By showing this, scenes change from one to another and end up with a big title -"Made with China", which explained by the voiceover at the same time that "Made in China with the World" (Made in China, cooperated with the world).

According to the news today, it is known that Chinese government plans to promote this ad to the world with "Made in China, Supported by the World" as its theme. Therefore, as the ending, lines change from "Made in China" to "Made with China".

From "made in china" to "made with china" to "created in china", we can see it as a course, just a stronger course of Chinese economy by and by.

Chinese item is very popular in world market with China development. I can say the whole people in the world, if without item by made in China; it's very difficult to live for them. May be somebody say I am exaggerated. But, there is one point that we don't deny it. The Chinese item is much cheaper than other country. I mean the same item made by different country, of course, under the same quality, the same function. There is no doubt Chinese item is the cheapest one.

Furthermore, a country's economy won't convert until its international standing changes. During the beginning of Chinese reform, china's international recognition is very low, large amount of countries did not exactly understand china. Lots of countries regarded china as backward and poor. Till 2008 Beijing Olympic games, there are still some countries who reported Beijing with the photos on which we can see the main road was occupied 90% by the bicycles. From these we can see that many countries have the hysteretic knowledge of china and under this circumstances, the world won't accept "created in china".

To bring about the new situation of "Created in China", I guess it require continuous efforts from generation to generation. "Created In China", Just as its name implies, the commodities are designed by China, produced by China, it signified all the processes of manufacture were accomplished by China, I think at that time China would be the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world.

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