Keep A Close Eye On Your Dog When Toilet Training

by Eric Hartwell - Date: 2007-04-15 - Word Count: 363 Share This!

Your pet dog may be your best friend. You two may share the best times together, filled with play and laughter. But, all these good times may come to an end, if your dog starts annoying you by urinating and defecating at wrong places, making you face public humiliation. The association between man and dog goes a long way. Right from the ancient times, when a dog was a loyal hunting partner to the current times, when dog is considered to be a man's best friend. Having a dog as your pet can be a fun-filled experience. But not if he or she is not fully house trained.

If you choose an indoor place for your pet to relieve himself, it would help if you would bring your pet again and again to his "poop place," thus familiarising him to it. Every time your pet feels like attending nature's call, lead him towards his "poop place". After many attempts, if your pet doesn't recognise his "poop place", try the trail method or the scent-trace method.

When beginning the exercise of potty training your pet, it is a good idea to keep a close eye on him. Chances are that in the beginning you may not realise the exact moment that your pet wants to eliminate the wastes from his body. A few common signs displayed by dogs at such times are becoming restless, going round in circles and snatching or sniffing at the door. Once you observe these signs, immediately take your dog outdoors or to an assigned area inside the house and command him to complete his act.

Last but certainly not the least, give time and be patient as your dog learns the right ways and place to eliminate the wastes from his body! Remember that occasional accidents are bound to happen. Do not stop yourself from scolding your dog at such instances. It is important to make your pet dog realise his mistake as and when he is at fault. However, do not get down to physical punishment or abuse, as it will only make matters worst. It is not punishment, but love and patience that will do the trick for your dog!

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