In Love Fifty One Years - How We Did It - Was It Lust When We Met?

by Don Jones - Date: 2006-12-31 - Word Count: 623 Share This!

I am a Platinum Author here at EzineArticles and I write a lot about love and lust and sex for two reasons. Number one is I know a lot about it. I am 72 and have just as much lust as I did at 16. I think old people keep their love urges to themselves as no one ever thinks of their parents or grandparents as having had sex. Ugh!

Number two is our sexual freedoms today. The availability of pornography makes it difficult for the young to know what is happening in relationships. The urge to copulate is so terribly strong and the doors have been opened to the young lads who are always on the hunt.

I lust for my wife and always have. We met when she was 17. She was a star and got out of school ahead of others, you could skip grades then, and I worked where she got her first job. She had the best looking butt I had ever seen. I begged her to stay in her chair and not mosey around the room as I could not work seeing her in that tight skirt.

The company transferred me from Kansas City to El Paso and I had to leave that posterior behind. God it killed me. I was scared to death that someone would get her while I was now living hundreds of miles away.

I write about love and lust. Which is it when you are young? You know it is hard to say. I lusted so bad I never thought about it. I just wanted her. Of course I loved her and would kill for her but mother nature put that lust on me that you could cut with a knife.

She took a train from Kansas City to El Paso and we were married, no one there but the two of us and a Justice Of The Piece and his wife.

How is it that we have stayed in love so long? I cannot sum it up except to say we have had so many problems and have worked our way through them. It would be unkind to both of us to publicly state our problems, but we have had them all. Money, drifting apart, mental ills. We have been spared but one physical ill.

I had cancer of the prostate and cannot function sexually anymore but I sure as hell can lust. We hold hands in public all the time and occasionally people will pass us and remark about that. I find that shameful that two old grey headed people holding hands is such a rare thing these days.

So men if you lust when married and see a pretty young thing, you are normal in my book. Don't hide it from your wife. That is the male animal in you. Testosterone plays a vital part in our lives. Alcohol, man I was a world class drinker. Not an alcoholic. Never had that problem. Just loved to drink and socialize. I quit years back and am better for it.

You have to be careful about lust and drinking. You will be in the sack with the wrong person if you are unlucky. That goes for the girls too. The booze is no good. I must have driven a million miles drunk. Then my 19 year old son was killed by a drunken driver.

So I say to you. Use your head. Men, the one on your neck. The other one is for your wife, only. If either one of you fall from grace, gut it out. Stay together. What was there, comes back over and over like the tides.

The reason you were in love was a good one. Go back to it. The longer you love the sweeter it gets.

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Don Jones is a promoter of not profit funding for low income Senior Citizens who need help with diet, and walkers and hearing aids and other things non affordable. See his not profit websites at and He also invites you to his amazing wine club,

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