Baby Shower Fun Activities

by Tim Bock - Date: 2007-01-09 - Word Count: 330 Share This!

There are many baby shower fun activities. It is the activities that really make a baby shower a great event. Games can help guests get to know each other, get everyone involved in the party, and give the mother-to-be and everyone else a good laugh. There are some common games that seem to make the round at every baby shower and then there are some newer, unique games that are starting to make baby showers more fun than ever before.

Classic baby shower activities include games using baby items or where people guess the mothers belly size, but some of the newer games are all about making guests get crazy. One of the most fun games now showing up at baby showers is the baby bottle drinking contest. Guests are all given a baby bottle filled with juice or water. Whoever drinks their bottle the quickest wins. It is not as easy as one might think. Drinking from a baby bottle takes a lot of work and watching people try to guzzle it is hilarious. Another crazy game is the diaper game. In this game melted and crushed candy is placed inside a diaper. Guests then have to guess what type of candy it is. They are allowed to smell or even taste. Watching adults peer and smell and stick their finger into these 'used' diapers is sure to produce laughs. Along the lines of making guests look goofy is a feeding contest. Guests pair up and one puts on a bib and the other person stands behind them and puts their arms around them to act as the bibbed players arms. The player in the back has to feed the player with the bib. The first to finish win. This is a messy game that is also a great photo opportunity.

These are just three of the new games people are using as baby shower fun activities. There are many more ideas that can be found in baby magazines or online.

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