Can You Really Watch Tv And Top Movies From Any Computer Anywhere?

by Tom Whitehurst - Date: 2010-09-20 - Word Count: 665 Share This!

Can you really watch TV and Blockbuster Movies free from any computer anywhere in the world? That's Big News if it's true. We set out to see for ourselves. We wanted to find out if it really works and how well. We definitely had to do our homework. We found hundreds of websites claiming to offer free TV movies online, free TV watch shows online. Most of the sites we tested have bad connections, bad sound, a very small selection of TV shows and movies. Allot were filled with duplicate channels, dead channels and very poor programming. Some have hidden fees. Some make you watch commercial after commercial before, during and after the movie. We studied hundreds of sites to find only the best.
After all why settle for less. If you pick the right program you'll get good service for life.
We narrowed it down to just a few sites that passed all of our stringent tests. These sites have a onetime payment of less than $50 to join. Think of it this way. In January of 2009 we all had to change over to digital programming. Millions scrambled to purchase a box that would let our TV be able to convert the digital signal to analog. This was the only way to keep getting free TV. Otherwise you had to sign up for cable or satellite. That meant another monthly bill to pay. These were our only choices to could keep using our TVs and not have to replace them. Well, this is nothing more than purchasing a program that lets your computer receive and convert the signal to watch online movies and online TV for free.

The sites that offer the best programming offer more than 3,500 channels of Blockbuster Movies, Live Sporting Events, 24 hour News and Weather and all of your favorite TV Shows and Music. This includes popular channels like the Sci-Fi channel, Classic Movies, ESPN, CNN, C-Span 1 and so many more. It's all available anytime from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a computer. This is especially nice for when you travel. You will be able to stay connected to home by watching your local TV news. This way you'll know what's happening in your hometown while you're away. They also offer TV Movies in every language and channels from every part of the world. This makes it great for those of you that moved to another country. It lets you watch programs from your home country in your own language anytime.

I'm amazed at how simple they've made it to set up. There's no hardware to install. Just download a small program and a few mouse clicks and you're ready to enjoy watching TV and movies for free from now on. Just think you will never get another monthly bill for watching TV and Movies again. You can even get the full home theater experience by hooking up you computer to your big screen TV. They will show you how as soon as you sign up. It's a quick and simple process just plug and a few clicks and you're done. Think about that for a minute. How much have you spent on cable or satellite TV in the last year. I'll bet it was close to $1,200. I know you can think of at least 20 places you would have rather put that money. Well now you can. In this economy how much would an extra $100 a month help you?

Now that I know what the best sites have to offer I am at a loss to understand why anyone would want to keep paying for cable or satellite unless of course you want to give your money away in which case I'm always ready to accept. Bottom line is you could pay once and get at least 3,500 channels in HD or you can keep paying every month for around 160 channels that you can only watch at home.

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