Zip...zap...zoom! Tooth Whitening in One Hour

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Years of bad habits (cigarette smoking, tobacco use) and indulgence in certain beverages (soda, juice, coffee, tea) can create discolorations or stain a person's teeth. In addition, some medications, past dental work, heredity and simply growing older can leave those once pearly whites not quite so appealing.

Now you can erase years of stains and discolorations from your teeth in about one hour with the Zoom!¬(r) tooth whitening system. The Zoom! procedure is performed by a trained cosmetic dentist in the dentist's office.

The process

· The cosmetic dentist will begin the process by professionally cleaning the teeth to remove any plaque buildup.

· The dentist will then prepare the teeth to safely receive the treatment by applying a protective cover on the gums and lips.

· A hydrogen peroxide-based whitening gel is applied to the teeth and a special laser light is shined on the teeth for 15-20 minutes.

· The gel is removed and then reapplied with the light treatment two more times.

The hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleaching agent to whiten the tooth enamel (outer tooth layer) and dentin (tooth layer surrounding the pulp).

The results

After the three Zoom! treatments, patients will see immediate results with the teeth appearing up to eight shades lighter than before the treatment. The results are long-lasting and can be touched-up using a take-home whitening gel kits. Patients should continue practicing good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice daily.

The risks

Dentist-supervised tooth whitening is a generally safe procedure. However, every patient will have varying degrees of tooth sensitivity that could be affected by the Zoom! tooth whitening procedure. Some patients have experienced sharp, shooting tooth pains during and sometimes after the treatments. Any patient who experiences pain during treatment should immediately alert the dentist so a de-sensitizing gel can be applied.

The cost

The cost of the Zoom! tooth whitening system will vary, but the treatments can range between $500-$1,500.

In-office tooth whitening treatments such as Zoom! are a quick, easy and highly effective way to brighten your entire face and give you more self-confidence.

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