Grooved Golf Swing Series: Bunkers, How to Play From a Surface that is Wet and Compacted

by Bill Maitland - Date: 2006-12-18 - Word Count: 345 Share This!

You walk into a bunker and it is hard.

No sand except that which is compacted and wet.

Not a nice find and not an easy shot, or is it?

Do I play a chip shot? Do I try to hit the ball cleanly from the sand? What do I do?

The problem with this surface is that when you hit your normal bunker shot, the club will not bounce as a result of the flange and will keep going down into the sand. This is because the leading edge of the club steers/pulls the club in the downward direction.

Result: a duffed golf shot and your ball is still in the bunker.

This is because you played your golf shot in the same manner as for any bunker shot.

What you have to do is play this shot a little differently.

You have to give your club a little help.

Believe it or not, this shot is actually easier to play than the ordinary bunker shot from normal loose sand.

All that is necessary is the knowledge of how to go about playing the required golf shot.

This is how:

Set up in the normal way, digging your feet into the sand a bit to give yourself stability. Align your body a bit to the left of the target.

Position your ball opposite your left heel. Open your club face to wide open, so that it faces the sky.

A normal shot will dig in too deeply as already stated.

So, to overcome this, your back swing is short and outside your line. Keep the club head open during the whole swing.

Also, keep your club head low.

This is the secret. Your swing arc is shallow. It is back but only a little up.

In this way you are helping your club not to dig too deeply.

The flange will enter the sand, and because it is travelling only slightly in the downward direction and mainly in the direction towards the flag, it will stop the club digging too deeply.

It will allow the club head to travel deep to the ball, but will cause a shallow trajectory and a nice bunker shot.

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