Safe Driving Tips. Save Money, Save Your Life!

by Frank Frost - Date: 2006-11-23 - Word Count: 554 Share This!

As you have observed, many drivers are idiots. Here are some tips to avoid accidental run ins with these challenged drivers. If you happen to be one of these idiots, please take note!

1. DO NOT TAILGATE! Here in Atlanta, GA most accidents I see could have been avoided if the trailing driver hadn't been too close. In most states it is the tailgater who is faulted in a rear end collision. These laws were passed to raise public awareness of the dangers of tailgating. Also, this will help you avoid some popular insurance scammers.

2. TURN OFF YOUR CELLPHONE! Talking on your cellphone or texting while driving places you in 4 times greater risk of an accident. An excellent rule of thumb. Unless it is a real emergency, do not talk on the phone while driving. There is an exception. If you are a mobile professional, you cannot function without your cellphone. A simple solution is to get a hands free set. Use it without fail.

3. Go with the flow. Don't speed along with the speed demons, or crawl along with the slow drivers. Find a common ground, and go along with the basic flow of traffic. Let the speed racers run right into the speed traps, while you arrive alive (and without a ticket).

4. STAY OUT OF MY BLIND SPOT! Have you ever read the sign on a freight truck? It says, "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you". Although smaller, cars and trucks have blind spots as well. The worst blind spot is the one over the drivers left shoulder. Anything not plainly visible outside the driver side window should be considered a blind spot. They can't see you! Position yourself in traffic so the cars on either side have ample room to make unannounced lane changes. Also, be smart. Check your own blind spot.

5. Be aware. Know where you are in traffic, where the other cars are in relation to you. Keep checking your mirrors every few seconds. It is much easier to avoid an accident if you see the warning signs in advance.

6. Avoid abrupt stops. If you have given yourself enough room, even unexpected stops should be no trouble. When stopping, apply even pressure to the brake. Learn to instictively know how much pressure is required to stop gracefully.

7. When possible, leave yourself an escape. Always think as though the car behind you isn't paying attention, and your possible escape route. You have to make swift decisions. One example from my personal experience. I was stopped at a light, with cars ahead of me. I was in the right lane, stopped. The car behind me had no driver behind the wheel (meaning he was looking around the car for something, and wasn't visible from my perspective. I noticed the car behind him did not seem to have noticed the red light, and had not slowed down. Knowing there would be a bad accident, I turned my wheel hard to the right, went over the curb, and on to the grass. The car behind me was struck very hard, and it was pushed through the space I had occupied, and hit the car that was ahead of me. I avoided a terrible accident, and only had to pay $50 to replace the grass.

I hope this information is useful.

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