How to Get Paid to Build Things

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If you have a knack for building things, why not turn it into a career? There are plenty of building opportunities for people just like you - but you do need to follow some steps in order to create a successful business. However, with the right training, tools, and business management skills, you can create a building business from the bottom up.

Starting with yourself, you need to become proficient in the services that you want to sell. But it might be difficult to decide which areas of expertise you will want to have. For some, they want to focus on the structural components of buildings - i.e. the frameworks of steel buildings or metal buildings. Others want to focus on the inner workings of a building - i.e. electrical or plumbing. And others want to focus on the outer surfaces of buildings. To begin to create your professional business, you will want to choose the one that most appeals to you - or maybe specialize in everything!

The proper training is essential for becoming a builder. You will want to head into an apprenticeship program when you're ready, or start as young as high school or college to start learning the tools of your trade. The main idea is that you learn every step, no matter how small it seems, in order to be able to construct a sturdy, quality building. These kinds of programs can help you get your feet wet and begin to understand whether or not you're a good fit for the business as well as where your talents might lie.

The next step is to get the licensure that your city and state require in order to be a licensed builder. You will need to talk with your local city hall to see just what you are required to fulfill and how you can complete this. While you might be able to get people to hire you without this license, you might be creating legal troubles for yourself if anything should happen to a building that you constructed. It might seem like a formality, but licensure is really the best protection against problems.

Once you've gotten trained and licensed, it's time to start finding business. If you have an expertise - like steel buildings and metal buildings - be sure to mention it to prospective clients. Customers like to know that the person they are hiring is qualified for their needs - and they will probably hire you more quickly when they find out what you enjoy doing. You can start by advertising in local trade papers and even in your local newspapers, as well as through construction supply stores and the local media.

As you gain more customers and require more help, you will want to hire a smaller, well-trained staff to help you with the logistics of buildings larger projects. But if you've had the right training and taken the time to complete projects correctly, you will be building a business for yourself - and one that will stand up over time.

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