Earn Christmas Money Brokering Structured Settlements

by BJ Norman - Date: 2008-10-16 - Word Count: 460 Share This!

Earn yourself $1000 Christmas money, brokering Structured Settlement

As the holiday Christmas season is approaching, many people are affected by the changing economy. Preparing to earn extra Christmas money, for your shopping and gift giving needs, can be a very good idea, if you choose opportunities that will allow you to earn fast Christmas money.

Just in time for the Christmas holidays, you will find many structured settlement companies offering large Christmas payouts for making structured settlement referrals. What is a structured settlement you may be asking! A structured settlement is an arrangement usually made by a structured settlement company or lawyer, setting up periodic payments over a period of time, from the proceeds of a large lawsuit, personal injury type claim or insurance claim. Often times you will hear structured settlement options termed as a periodic payment judgement.

In the recent years many people winning large lottery winnings, insurance on injury claims have decided to take the necessary steps in providing for a safe and secure future, by investing there proceeds, as opposed to spending all off their money, without a back-up plan for the future. This change in the mindset of people have allowed opportunities opening the door to creating forums of discussion for those wanting to use there assets to invest over a period of time.

Free structured settlement referral database

Bringing together an exclusive database of personal injury, lottery winners, and insurance payouts, created for the mere purpose of introducing investment programs to winners of lottery, insurance payouts, and personal injury winners, with a list of structured settlement brokers, offering a minimum of $1,000 per referral and you will see the profitability of becoming a structured settlement broker, without any out of pocket money.

Medium for Earning your Christmas Money

Accessing a database  of over 1,000 members allow you to offer investment opportunities to any one of the following: personal injury, lottery or insurance payout winners. You have the option of contacting database members via email, with your investment offer. Locating companies that offer you opportunities to earn a referral fee via their structured settlement program is a necessary, but easy task. Once you have chose one of the many companies that offer this type of opportunity, you can then begin to cross reference the needs of those interested (from our free structured settlement database) in investments opportunities to the appropriate structured settlement company.

Do not allow the cost of the Christmas holiday season to take away from the joy you should be experiencing at this time of year. Many people go into debt at this time of the season, but with a little motivation, and the right opportunity, you will not have to go into debt and will still have a very wonderful holiday season.

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