The Watcher, Before I Leave You

by Conrad Trudelle - Date: 2007-01-27 - Word Count: 299 Share This!

Listen to the rhythm of the beat of your soul.
Listen to how it sings it's verse.
Listen to the timber as it plays its cords.
Listen to its hush as it plays your heart 's strings.

Let your soul soar;
Let it race the wind.
Let it fly free.

Revel as you pierce the billows of the clouds.
Slide between the openings of eternity


Touch the emptiness of everything.

Let your soul explain the gift of life.
Let your soul explain what your eyes see,
What your hands feel.

Use what you have been given;
get your own answers.
Then and only then
will your answers be true.

Listen to the rhythm of the beat of your soul.

As the season begin its process of metamorphosis
You can at times, if you pause long enough,
see the soul and spirit of Nature as it gives birth
to another of her varied offspring.

Autumn is upon us once more, time to gather the harvest,
so carefully nurtured by hand and heart.
Separate the kale,
remove the sheaves,
start the fires that will ward off the evening chill,
there is still more to gather and time grows short.

Nature grows weary and seeks the comfort and solace of the Winter to come.
The time when her head will rest on her pillow of white,
which will shrink to nothingness with the advent of Spring.

Here is where the Lady shines;
there is no glory in this world that can compare with Nature
in the radiance of rebirth.
Throughout history there has been nothing to equal it's grandeur.

Comes the Summer, breathing it's soft breeze
as it applies it's warm wrap and golden glow.
Run through the green fields and glide through azure pools
with all the exuberance of youth not caring what tomorrow may bring.

Then Autumn is upon us once more.

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