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It seems these days we're all just a little too busy to eat proper meals every day. This can leave us lacking in vital vitamins and minerals which are crucial to keeping us healthy. More and more people are including a daily multi vitamin in their routine in order to make sure that nothing important is missed when it comes to nutrition.

There was a time when you could just pull a bottle of multi vitamins off the shelf and be off. But now, the choice isn't quite so simple. In fact, there are so many choices available in the vitamin aisle it can be hard to figure out what to buy.

Multi vitamins are available specially formulated for women, for men, for children, for seniors, for very active people and for pregnant women. You wouldn't think that our nutritional needs could be so different, but is this progress or just clever marketing? Is there really any difference between all of these products?

Let's compare the different formulas of one popular brand. One-a-Day has been selling multi vitamins for decades, and they now have fourteen different options, including four for kids.

Their women's formula features a larger amount of calcium and other bone-strengthening nutrients. Women are more prone to losing bone mass over the years than men, so a good supply of calcium is important to prevent osteoporosis.

The women's vitamin also includes folic acid, which is necessary for women who may become pregnant as it reduces the chances of birth defects. The addition of iron is another extra for women. Since women lose blood every month through menstruation, their iron levels can get low if they don't eat much meat. An iron supplement prevents anemia.

The men's formula, on the other hand, includes no iron at all. This is because research has shown that too much iron can contribute to heart disease - a big health concern for many men. The other key ingredient in the men's vitamin is lycopene, which has been linked with good prostate health. Obviously, this is something women aren't worried about, but it is important for men.

The 50 Plus version for older people has a different combination of nutrients. Although the same basics are there, you'll find extra high levels of vitamin C, which contributes to healthy joints. Since many seniors find their joints deteriorating over time, this is something they might look for. However, popular joint supplements like glucosamine aren't added to this multivitamin.

Since the low carb craze continues, the company has introduced a Carb Smart multi vitamin. This formulation is designed to replenish some of the nutrients that can be lacking in a low carbohydrate diet. This includes things like vitamin C, which is found in fruits and fruit juices, and the B vitamins which most people get from enriched grain products like breakfast cereals and bread.

As you can see, there are many decisions to make when you choose a multi vitamin. It's important to look at your diet and lifestyle to determine which nutrients you need to supplement more than usual.

The basic ingredients in most of these multi vitamin pills are pretty much identical, so if you have no special needs it's probably best to stick with the simplest formula. Whatever you choose, be sure to check the label so that you know what you're getting.

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