Some Remedies for Gout

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Gout attacks are sudden and often occur at night. The excruciating pain may last for days, leaving the joints inflamed and making movements painful. Gout is the result of over-production or under-excretion of uric acid. Middle-aged, over-weight males, having a family history of gout are specific victims in most cases.

Unfortunately, there exists no absolute or definite cure for gout. A sufferer may undertake some measures to alleviate the pain and leave with this affliction.

At the time of the gout attack, the affected joint should be rested at an elevation to ease the pain. The pain stems from the inflammation surrounding the joint. So it is a better option to resort to painkillers that are anti-inflammatory as well, like ibuprofen. However, is the dosage mentioned on the package fails to give relief; a doctor must be consulted before increasing the intake. Also, all painkiller medicines are not beneficial for gout attacks. Aspirin should be avoided, because it hinders the excretion of uric acid from the body and worsens the gout attack. A pack of crushed ice also has a soothing effect.

Many sufferers claim that charcoal poultice help a lot. This may occur because charcoal has the capacity to drag out toxic accumulations from the body. A mixture of powdered activated charcoal and ground flaxseed should be made into a paste with warm water. This should be applied to the affected joint, and covered with a piece of cloth or plastic sheet to hold the poultice in place. This needs to be renewed from time to time. Prevention should be taken to avoid charcoal stains on bed linen or the clothes.

Activated charcoal may also be taken orally to diminish the levels of uric acid in blood. One half to one teaspoon full amounts need to be consumed at least four times a day for effective relief.

If the entire foot is affected, a charcoal bath can be an effectual remedy. Half a cup of charcoal powder can be mixed with water to form a paste and taken in a basin large enough to hold the feet. Hot water should then be added in sufficient quantity to submerge the feet. Then the feet can be soaked in the bath for thirty minutes or one hour.

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