Will It Work? Weight Loss Products

by Robert Maguire - Date: 2007-02-06 - Word Count: 425 Share This!

"Amanda lost sixty pounds in just two months!" "Gerald shaved thirteen inches in three weeks!" "Get the body you've been dreaming of by calling this toll free number!"

Who hasn't been bombarded with advertisements such as these? With incredible results, it is actually quite tempting to order some of these magic formulas from the operators standing by, just waiting for your call. But do these things actually work? Why aren't any of them evaluated or approved by the FDA? And why are all of these miracles sold exclusively on TV, and not in stores?

Let's face it, weight loss products such as those touted on late night television and in the back of fashion magazines usually come qualified with an attached statement to the effect of "these results are not normal." And why are these results so far from the norm? Because these weight loss products are not magic pills or drinks; they are intended for use as supplements to a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. So if your plan to lose the extra bulk by popping fat-capturing tablets every two hours is on the road to nowhere, think about the other changes you have or have not made to your lifestyle.

This should be fairly obvious to anyone with common sense. If there were really a concoction that would melt off the fat, wouldn't everyone be thin? Everyone is not thin, so therefore there must be more to these weight loss products' success than just remembering to take them. Supplements that can be taken are intended to do just what their name implies - supplement and reinforce the other efforts you are undertaking. Certainly, there are products that will allow you to drop some weight fairly quickly, but they will have to be incorporated as a mainstay of your diet or else you will simply regain what you've lost once you stop taking them.

Deciding to change the look and performance of your body through weight reduction is a commendable act. But do not rely solely on weight loss products for the changes to manifest. There must be some personal responsibility and resolve to truly make a difference. The people pictured in those advertisements? You can be certain they have made other changes to their lives beyond the addition of that particular weight loss product. So develop a balanced menu from which to choose your snacks and meals, set up an exercise regime, and add weight loss products to the mix, and you too may end up as one of the astonishing weight loss stories.


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Robert Maguire lives in Dracut, Massachusetts with his wonderful wife Donna. Learn more about weight loss at teamacaiplus.com

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