Extra Marital Affairs Are Nothing New

by Tony Stockill - Date: 2010-02-28 - Word Count: 501 Share This!

An extra marital affair, or marital affairs, meaning "outside the marriage" is a phenomenon which has been around for years. Emotional infidelity is sometimes portrayed as emotional cheating, others would have it that it strengthens the marriage. Sometimes discreetly hidden, as in societies where it was illegal, or even punishable by death to look at another man's wife. At other times they have been tactfully ignored or blatantly paraded.

European and other Royal Families, and their equivalents in a range of Dictatorships, or legitimate Presidents all have had, and are still having today, extra-marital liaisons. Many euphemisms have been used to describe the (mostly) women involved, ranging from "the other woman", to "concubine" and "mistress". In some cases, the bearer of this title is given an elevated status, and may assume some degree of power.

A keen follower of the tabloid press can find almost daily reports of such goings-on, though these are not as numerous as those credited to the "famous", such as movie or sports stars. The internet has also made a large contribution to the notoriety of these so-called "transgressions".

Whether it is appropriate to take these well-publicized liaisons as a license to behave in the same manner is a debatable point. It may be that a married couple find themselves to be incompatible for one reason or another, and are able to reach some understanding on their conduct of such arrangements. On the other hand, some of the appeal of these affairs is undoubtedly the risk of getting caught.

Another possibility, as I know from personal experience, and which turns out to be more common than you may suspect, is that you find yourself married to a partner, who should be in a lesbian or gay relationship. This is surely grounds for finding an alternate partner, if not a divorce? (as happened in my case!)

In our more enlightened and egalitarian society a affair is recognized as something which happens. Whether you are sympathetic, tolerant or actively on the lookout, there is now the possibility of short cutting the process.

Along with the plethora of dating services available especially now on the internet, there are now agencies who specialize in arranging these affairs, predominantly from their web site.

The procedure is similar to any of the other dating services, which are usually discreet, You supply information about yourself, such as height, hair color etc. and state you preferences in a partner. This can include some "special requirements" such as not only your usual "blonde" or "redhead", but even more options such as "large breasts', "lesbian", "bondage" etc. More information on these Extra Marital Affairs as well as all other types of dating services and details of a unique "guarantee" are available

The website consultants then select possible partners. In the case of one particular company, they can select from over 5 million members worldwide. A recent development is that you can "arrange your affairs", not in the sense of making a will, but organizing your personal activities, by using that essential accessory, your mobile phone.

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