Email Marketing Program Provide A Crucial Aid for Charitable Organizations

by Robert Burko - Date: 2008-07-11 - Word Count: 462 Share This!

An email marketing program helps maintain in close contact with your donors and. As the owner or operator of a charitable organization, you "depend on the kindness of strangers." Very quickly, those 'strangers' become the backbone of your organization's survival and success. With email marketing solutions, updating these important contacts on what their donations have produced, thanking them, and inviting them to fundraising events can be done in a way that is easy, saves you hundreds of dollars in mailing and printing costs, and it can save you valuable time.

Keeping your donors updated on the progress of your organization and sending letters of thanks is important for showing your appreciation for having donated to your organization. But, this can also be a costly expense. Picture your costs for mailing and printing exponentially diminished. These extra funds will produce many more benefits for you organization: better conveniences for the elderly or sick, more food for the hungry, more aid and medication for people or animals in need of rescue. Having more money means having more options, and nobody knows this better than charitable organizations.

An email marketing program is designed to track "opens," "clicks" and "forwards", providing you with an easy-to-use statistical record for future fundraising events. The percentages an email marketing program will tell you a lot more about your clients and donors: Do they open your email marketing program campaigns in the morning at work, or at night at home? Does your cause affect them so much that they are forwarding the message to friends and family? This can help your charitable organization develop more effective marketing campaigns to garner funding. These statistics will also inform you on which campaigns are successful and which ones need to be restructured. This is all done at a fraction of the cost, and a fraction of the time, of mailing traditional invitations, RSVPs and thank you letters.

For charitable organizations that specialize in running summer programs, finding funding is paramount. To start off with, the amount of participants in the program will affect the funding given to your organization. This means that filling up spots quickly will help determine how much a donor or government agency is willing to spend on the program. An email campaign goes out immediately, so responses from participating members come in a lot quicker, allowing for more participants to be involved. More participants equals more funding toward the beneficial focus of your organization.

Email marketing program are of the utmost importance in keeping your charitable organization in the business of "good-will." Email marketing helps you stay connected to your donors, saves you time, and stretches your money. In the end, email marketing program ensure valuable resources like your time and money are optimally allocated to those that need it the most.

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