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Bus and Car Performance, do they have any differences?

You can't just imagine the difference between these two or what they have in store. Yes, car had the reputation of the highest quality in most of the vehicles in the road, probably about 70 percent of the consumers bought a car rather than any automobiles. But with the new addition regarding with the engine performance, its surely make the riding in a public transportation the most of it. Huge vehicles such as buses, move people on to their destination near or far. Those vehicles are really tested on all road conditions and also give passengers the comfort of riding especially on a long travel. Just like cars, buses also improve when it comes to technology; from the engine performance, the process of riding comfort and even the safety of the passenger. However could it be ultimately end up into the idea of the primary controller of nearly all engines? Perhaps. Howcome? With these new advances people can start to see the fast and safety finally will be bridged.

Powered by huge diesel engine, which produces a massive power and torque though they have a low RPM. Although most of the cars uses petrol fuel than diesel. Still these engines provides the power and It also comes with a 6-speed or 5 speed transmission. Automatic or electronic type of transmission is now available on bus.

Riding and Comfort
Air suspension makes the ride more comfortable and stable. Steering is not a problem with the help of power steering, so you can easily manipulate the wheels.

Drive Layout
They have two types of drive layout, Front Engine Rear Wheel Drive (FR) and Rear Engine Rear Wheel Drive (RR).

Brake Systems
Nowadays ABS or anti-lock braking system is now applied, the only difference is cars don't use air brakes like the buses do and a full set of drum brakes (front and rear), passengers now could feel safety even in a fast driving.

Despite a long list of ideological enthusiasm for developing a new transportation, it ought to be maintained that Engineers and Manufactures in technology civilization has ultimately been an economic endeavour. Without their ingenuity, perhaps riding a bus would be still stressful for those commuters. Hopefully with these new improvements and features with the public buses, there is no denial that in the mere future the success rate for this new generation of vehicles will definitely tremendous.

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