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WOW accounts resellers are now offering a host of different levelled WOW accounts that are fully secured and brand new WOW account to build a WOW account itself which features original secure power levelling, power levelling 2.0, and escort services. Offer now is most resellers purchase indemnified high end typeset and WOW accounts from people in Europe and the US and resell these on the net, with 100% agreement. You are also guaranteed to receive a brand new account promotion free as the unless mistake/issue is an error that has taken place at the reseller's end.

Over 6500 WOW accounts available at all times including loads of level 45 to level 75 available for you to transport to your server. A wide variety of WOW characters are available paladins, priests, hunters, mages, death knights, druids, shamans, warriors and warlocks, on PVE and PVP servers. The WOW accounts can be robotically verified. You submit your account, their system will login the game. You are paid once your character is verified and in less than five minutes your account is submitted. Once you have ordered, go to the live chat, get verified and your account will be available in 30 seconds. If any delay, the reseller will go in manually to deal with this. A simple process takes some time, to happen. Bear in mind on purchasing WOW accounts on websites of countries it is more likely your account will be closed. WOW accounts, never sign up a WOW account or WOW character in public place like school, library... other people may have signed in, hence probability of being banned for possessing multiple accounts.

Stop another person signing up at the same place you signed. Request a wide spectrum of information with your WOW accounts including CD keys, secret words, email addresses. Request for full names on the account, birthdates, all passwords etc is possible. Any additional information not part of your confirmation email, contact website support. The basic principle of WOW account or WOW character reseller's security is this: various individuals want what is inside of your account and they don't want to go through all the trouble of getting it. With a few various added practices you can prevent most every form of account security problems. You can't prevent them all though (and this guide can't act as a complete shield for them all) but you can make the chance so small you can't see it.

See, if you do get hacked Blizzard's top-notch customer service is there to help out to get back WOW account or WOW character. They can restore your account, give you a new password, and even restore any stolen goods (see more on this later). Although, it's best never to let someone up to no good get that far in the first place. A secure username/password combo starts with having a unique username. This is the simplest part of all but many do make this mistake while accessing their WOW account or WOW character. You should always make your username something unrelated to your online persona.

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