VoIP Resellers Make Merry With Reseller Programs

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VoIP termination service is slowly and steadily moving ahead in the race with its competitor PSTN service. Its momentum is gaining with increasingly more people getting to becoming aware of the benefits that VoIP brings along. Keeping in tandem with the growing demand for voice over IP service among the industry and residentials, it is time for VoIP resellers to make merry. They have every reason to rejoice as the VoIP service providers are offering them to value added VoIP reseller programs that act as a catalyst in increasing their profit generation as well as make it convenient for them to utilise this technology.

These programs are aimed at making it affordable and easier for resellers to resell this promising technology. Ideally voice over Internet protocol providers offer two VoIP reseller program partner options namely - the standard plan and white label or no label plan.

The core difference between the two programs is of branding. The white label or the platinum plan as it is also referred to, gives the resellers the added advantage of rebranding the VoIP service in their brand. This helps in marketing the service for consumers find it easy to identify with and trust an existing brand name. Resellers are also to target their old clients easily if they are using their own brand. Additionally, it helps add to their product or service line giving them a clear cut advantage over their competition.

Other features that are a part of the two programs include online real time billing allowing easy account management facility and accurate billing; online tools which give easy access to customers account and enable custom mark-ups. Besides this VoIP reseller program provides technical or customer support service via email, online chat or helpdesk depending upon your service provider. Online chat undoubtedly is the best option out of the three for it allows instantaneous resolution to all your queries without making you listen to the taped voice which seems to stretch on for ages!

Depending upon the scale and requirements of your business you can opt for any of these programs. Some established voice over IP providers even allows easy migration from the standard to platinum program.

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