How To Create A Video Of Your Business Venture And Get It Seen By Thousands!

by Nathian Jackson - Date: 2007-01-20 - Word Count: 413 Share This!

Sometimes it is easier to show examples of what not to do in order to understand what you must do. For example, Starbucks made an entire product line of sodas with coffee flavor. It was a disaster and they pulled the plug right before they sent them to stores, yet they developed and ran production and wasted millions in the process. They did not test the product before they developed it. This is an example of bad product development.

Now consider an example of a bad video development. It is kind of hard to show a video in text so I will explain what goes on in a video. A woman jogging down the beach in a very sexy bikini, as the sun rises and the air is fresh, the camera begins to slowly come in from behind and pan around the slender body, and slowly moves its way from the feet, and then right up to the ladies face..The womans smile portray a hideous set of teeth, some black and brown and a few missing. Then an ad scrolls across the screen for a dentist. It gets your attention but is just a little off key. I am not saying that you cannot use "SEX" or "Beauty" to attract someone's attention, but in the manner I portrayed it comes across as a joke and funny but for an advertisement for dentistry? It would work for an ad for a video delivery service or something else.

I will give you an example of how to use video to attract business. The Godaddy Girl, Godaddy is a company that provides hosting and domain name services at a very affordable price. They have been notorious for creating sexy super bowl ads that really turn guys on. They created a controversy to attract attention and gather a new crowd of clients. No simple sleek tech advert, that would not attract the millions of football fans, they like beer and action not nerdy techie things. But when Godaddy began using this tactic in its marketing it began to attract a different clientèle to its services not to mention all the free controversy publicity.

So when you are thinking of the content you will plug into the advert make sure it fits within the demographics of who you are targeting. In addition, try not to stray away from your topic - you need to be able to tie things together which will help the viewers remember the content and more importantly you.

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