Wear Leather Skirts To Make Heads Turn

by Christy Lindsey - Date: 2010-06-04 - Word Count: 372 Share This!

A leather skirt happens to be an extremely sexy piece of clothing that has a knack to turn heads and make you get noticed. It is the only piece of clothing that has the ability to look hard and cold in a closet, but extremely sexy and warm when you wear it in the right way. In fact, a leather skirt can be a classic staple with any wardrobe. Whether you wear a leather skirt for a night out or a professional setting, you need to gear up your attitude and turn into a super confident woman in order to carry it properly.

It is important to choose the length of your leather skirt properly. Exercise your instincts and choose whatever you prefer -- half length, mini, short skirts or a pencil skirts. For formal uses, steer towards sharper and longer designs. Miniskirts are mostly suitable for fun filled and casual occasions. The color of your leather skirts is also an important asset. Generally you will find leather in brown or classic black shades. You can either choose out of these or look for other colors like off-white, green, multicolored or red.

You have to prepare yourself to receive a lot of attention when you decide of wearing leather skirts. Leather is generally associated with sensuality and this expression can be maximized by pairing these skirts with stilettos. You can also wear it with a fabric of contrasting texture such as a ribbed thick sweater, a sexy silk Cami or a halter top. Remember not to pair your leather skirt with anything made of leather. Wear them a pair of western boots if you need a casual appearance and a pair of work boots if you want to get a tougher look.

It is important to understand that you cannot wear a leather skirts on all occasions. It is not appropriate to wear it on a funeral, a wedding or a nice dinner. Another important fact is that, leather skirts are not meant to be worn by everyone. A leather skirt looks better on a person who is slender, tall and has a curvy body. But, nonetheless, if you want to go ahead wearing it, then you must know the proper way of doing so.

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