It's About Time

by Phil Grisolia - Date: 2007-01-21 - Word Count: 415 Share This!

Of the essential elements it takes to start and grow a profitable business - a concept, money, a plan, talent, and time - only one is in limited supply. No matter how great the idea, how much money you have, how well you plan, or how talented you may be, you will never have more than 24 hours in any given day. Rich or poor, genius or dunce, it makes no difference.

A concept, an idea for a winning product or service? Well, if you don't have one of your own, there are sources from which you can legitimately acquire one.

Money? Whatever you need, if you can suitably justify that need, there are sources willing to lend it to you, or invest in you.

A sound business plan? If you're unable to develop one on your own, there are sources willing to help. For a fee, true, but they're available.

As for talent, businesses large and small have for centuries hired whatever talent they've needed. A CEO, CFO, perhaps a COO? They're available. Middle managers? They're available, too. People to do the actual work? Yes, occasionally even good ones - if you look long and hard enough.

But time? There are only 24 hours in any day. OK, perhaps a few seconds more if you want to get technical. But your day is basically limited to 24 hours. Can you make time? Guys of my generation thought so. In fact, "making time" was something we enjoyed - though it had little to do with business.

Can you save time? We often say we can. And we often try. But does that make it true? You might run an errand during your lunch hour rather than after work. Having done so, you tell yourself you saved a half hour." But did you? Is there actually a bank somewhere into which you can actually deposit and save those 30 minutes?

It's about time you asked yourself what your time is worth. To your business, to the people who depend on you, to yourself? Isn't it about time you made the most of your time? Whether it's for family, for friends, for play, or for work, now is the best time to make the best use of your time.

Contrary to the popular expression, you don't want to "spend your time" merely doing things - invest your time in accomplishing things, meaningful things. Put time to work for you. Do with it what you will, but do it wisely - because at most you have only 24 hours in any day.

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