Risk Management Technology - Preventative Action To Save Lives

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It doesn't really matter how you dress it up, Risk Management is a process of assessment and procedures that help to stop potential crisis situations occurring. In the common work place this is usually done by carrying out regular checks to ensure that certain criteria is being met, ensuring that the health and safety of the employees is not at risk.

However, outside of the normal 9-5 working day, people across the world are facing many different situations in places where crisis is only a matter of minutes away.

For example, take your aid workers or military troops, performing their day to day tasks in a foreign land, extreme weather conditions and the risk of ambush or hijacking. Risk Management plays an extremely important part of not only helping these people go about their day to day jobs but also keeping them alive! By utilizing technology it is possible for the location of remote workers to be monitored at all times, and for constant communication to be in place. This is made possible by GPS satellite technology.

GPS Technology sits on a framework of satellite communications which means it can be used anywhere in the world, irrespective of the local communications infrastructure. This makes the technology perfect for remote workers who can often be many, many miles away from the nearest sign of civilization or working in a deprived 3rd world country where there is no communications infrastructure.

GPS Technology allows for central teams to monitor the whereabouts of remote workers and check their location in terms of the distance away from potential crisis. It also allows them to stay in touch with a central team and should an unfortunate event occur a backup or medical team can be quickly dispatched to the exact location reported by the technology. The ability to react so quickly and precisely is sure to save lives and reduce the risk of injury.

As well as aiding people, GPS Technology is also useful for monitoring and managing assets (such as vehicles and artillery), buildings and goods. As it is now common place in the world of technology the cost to introduce technology into Risk Management plans is no longer prohibitive and through a relatively small cost it's easy to see how it can quickly repay the investment.

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