How printer ink cartridges came to be

by Florie Lyn Masarate - Date: 2006-12-17 - Word Count: 490 Share This!

..the task of printing your documents and changing printer ink cartridges became more convenient, reliable and cleaner than the previous methods of changing ribbons or inserting a toner cartridge.  

Prior to 1984, the ink delivery systems were not as dependable as they are now.  The inkjet system replaced the old dot matrix method, which required changing a ribbon.  It wasn’t long before the printer industry began conceptualizing a new ink delivery technique, including the drop on demand method.  

Several companies were the driving forces behind developing the inkjet technology, and by 1990 the method was widely accepted.  Today it is the method of choice for printing requirements, and will print both black and white documents as well as color graphics and photos.

The quality is excellent, thanks to the development of printer ink cartridges.  It is possible to print on many different sizes and types of paper, fabric, film, etc.  These printers are used in businesses, in schools and the homes of millions of people worldwide.  

Each printer uses a specific printer ink cartridge, most often one each of black and color.    Each cartridge is given an identifying number and lists the model number of each printer in which it can be used.  While each printer manufacturer recommends its own brand of printer ink cartridge, it is possible to refill the cartridge yourself, or purchase a refilled, remanufactured or a compatible cartridge.

There are two types of refilled cartridges:  You can do it yourself with a kit that allows you to refill your own cartridge.  

Refill kits are available at a very low price and are sometimes the choice of those who don’t mind doing the filling in order to save money.  

The other alternative is to buy a refilled cartridge from a manufacturer.  This method involves drilling, filling and sealing an empty cartridge.

A remanufactured cartridge is an original printer ink cartridge that has been taken apart and outfitted with ink and new parts if necessary.  It is then inspected and tested before being placed in the marketplace to re-sell.  The workmanship in these cartridges is usually guaranteed against defects during the life of the cartridge.  The lifetime is generally the same as the original, they are safe to use in all printers, and the warranty on your printer will not be affected.  The cost is lower than the original.

Another kind of cartridge that has evolved in recent years is the “compatible” cartridge.  Simply put, it is a cartridge that is built to the same specifications as those of the original manufacturer and is generally cheaper than the original.  It is also guaranteed against defects during its lifetime.

Inkjet printers using printer ink cartridges have a bright future ahead, thanks to their capability to produce high-quality printed material quickly and inexpensively.  The manufacturer’s printer ink cartridge is one option, and the use of alternative printer ink cartridges is another option.  When shopping for printer ink cartridges, always buy from a reputable dealer.

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