How to Create a Memorable Leave Behind or Handout for Your Networking

by Katrina Sawa - Date: 2008-05-14 - Word Count: 528 Share This!

I am assuming that you ARE networking somewhere! You had better be - it is the best way to meet new people and build those relationships that turn into repeat sales and referrals. Now the question is - What do you bring, pass out or display when you network?

Obviously, you are going to bring a lot of business cards. What else can you pass out that will be memorable or useful for the people you meet? Most of you know about my FREE Networking Calendar (if you do not, go to the Resources page on my Web site and check it out) and I assume you use it to schedule your networking each month. This is a great example of a creative and useful tool. I hand this calendar out to the new people that I meet. It catches their attention and entices them to sign up for my email newsletters so that they can receive it every month. It is a marketing tool that works for me.

What can you develop, create, write or design that is creative, useful, and something that people (meaning your target market, not just anyone) will want? This item should also be easy for you to print, buy, and/or reproduce at a low cost.

This does not mean, for example, that if you are a mortgage consultant or realtor, that you should develop a list of homes that have sold in the area last month or a sheet with today's rates on it. That is no fun and people really will not care about that. Instead, it means to create something that is truly unique.

The following are some examples that you could tweak for your business.
1. A checklist of things people need to know in regards to your product or service.
2. The top 5 -10 mistakes people make in their ____________ (fill in the blank).
3. The top 3 things to do in your ___________ (fill in the blank) to make more (money, save time, etc.).
4. A list of resources that pertain to your business somewhat, but that are useful to help others save time or money.
5. A Special Report on _____________ (fill in the blank) whatever 'hot buttons' your target market has regarding your product and/or service).
6. ____________ (fill in the blank) Guide or Worksheet
7. A list of questions to get people thinking (before they buy a certain product or service for example).
8. A CD recording of yourself providing tips or free advice.

I also distribute little books to put your business cards in (mine are red and black with my Web site and logo on the front of the holder to match my brand). I have found that people love these. I also try to give them to 'newbie' networkers since they do not hold that many cards. More established networkers need much larger books.

Consider talking to a promotional products company. Brainstorm with them to select something that is creative (other than pens, paper, magnets, and calendars) that you can distribute. Be sure that it is something people will want to hold on to, keep handy or pass on. Take some time making your selection. If you do not, you will just end up ordering the same old pens - BORING!

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