Health, Do You Know What Alopecia Areata Is?

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Baldness, scientifically known as alopecia areata (AA), is a common problem for a lot of people today. Basically, this type of medical concern affects the human scalp. But there may be instances when other hair-bearing parts of the body are affected as well.

Anybody can actually experience hairloss problems; male and female alike. But people should not think that this condition is similar with male-pattern baldness. Generally, male-pattern baldness is hereditary.

Hair loss baldness is directly connected to the immune system and could lead to autoimmunity. When this happens, the immune system starts to attack specific tissues in the human body. For unknown reasons, AA occurs once the immune system of the human body attack the hair follicles, leading to the disruption of normal, healthy hair growth.

There are different patterns associated with this problem, and the most common is spot balding. Alopecia totalis, on the other hand, is when the hair over the entire scalp is lost, while alopecia universalis is the name of the condition for the total loss of body hair.

People who normally experience alopecia areata are children, young adults or teenagers. However, hair loss can possibly affect even toddlers. People should avoid thinking that excessive hair loss is somewhat similar to AA. Excessive hair loss generally occurs when one stops taking hormonal estrogen and progesterone from a particular therapy.

This can also happen right after the end of a pregnancy. When you notice balding round spots on the scalp, you might be diagnosed with AA. But if you aren't sure about it, a biopsy can help to identify any developing baldness. Today, there are so many forms of treatments for hair loss.

For the people suffering from this condition, about fifty percent of them significantly grow their hair back after a year without any treatment at all. For the more alarming cases, there are also other available treatments, like fluocnonide or clobetasol shampoos, or creams and steroid injections. Cyclosporine and minoxidil are helpful as well.

Alopecia areata is one medical condition that should be properly addressed. More and more people these days are indeed suffering from hair loss and it is necessary to have the proper hair loss treatments to regain healthy hair. With so many forms of medications today, people suffering from AA or baldness should not worry. Just be sure to approach your health care professional and seek hair loss information from your dermatologist, so you will fully understand the issue.

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