Victoria Beckham's Latest Hairstyle, The Pob

by John Mcloughlin - Date: 2007-04-26 - Word Count: 233 Share This!

Undercutting has been around since the 80's in one form or another, the "Pob", Posh's Bob, is a combination of an undercut and a Bob, Take your sections as you would to complete a Graduated Bob and layer this as you would a uniform layer hair cut, making sure you leave the outline soft and "feathery".

Comb the back of the hair down and trim or take a little weight out of the ends so they are not too blunt. This leaves the hair the back of the haircut disconnected, but if layered through enough softens into the undercut. The main shape of the back should look like a Graduated Bob with a soft outline through the back of the head to behind the ears. Use layers from the crown to the longer outline of the haircut in front of the ears, making sure you do not cut too much weight out of the outline, so this leave you the long length in front of the ears.

Layer from the front of the parting towards the crown, this will become a guide to work from the parting in vertical sections towards the outline of the cut in front of the ears, and take excess bulk from the layers to leave a long soft outline, texture if needed. Shape the fringe section to suit your client and you should have a new look for your collection.

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