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In 1999 I gave birth to my first child, a sweet little girl. When my daughter was 4 months old I had to return to work. I worked in an office and my employer was kind enough to allow me to bring her to work with me. It was in that office that she learned to crawl and eventually take her first wobbly steps.

When she began to walk, at 9 months of age, my employer gave me two options: A) Put her in daycare B) Quit I had 2 weeks to make a decision. ........ I quit. Not only could we NOT afford the cost of daycare, but I didn't want to put her in daycare. I heard too many daycare horror stories to risk having some stranger raise my kid. I began looking for something else.

I did find another job and then another and another. After a few years I had 3 children who had never seen the inside of a daycare and I was finally telecommuting for yet another new employer. Now I was still a full-time working mother of three but I worked from home. Do you think that I was finally content? I was for awhile....and then I discovered a telecommuter I could only go so far with the company. After 3 years with the company I was told that since I wouldn't come to work in the office full-time I had pretty much reached my cap. My career with the company had flat-lined. No, I didn't lose my job. But I couldn't expect to grow with them either.

It was around this time that my oldest daughter, now in first grade, started asking me to help out in her classroom. My answer was always "I can't honey. I have to work". When her class went to the zoo for a field trip, I was unable to go. Routinely, I would save my 30 minute lunch break for when she got out of school so I could load up the other 2 kids and race to pick her up. Inevitably she would want to stop for an after school treat and, inevitably, I would tell her "Not today honey. Mommy has to get back to work".

One day she was very quiet after school and so I asked her what was wrong. She began to cry. She told me she wanted me to quit my job. She said that she was the only one in her class whose parent hadn't come to either help in the classroom or go on a field trip. Seeing her cry like that broke my heart. I mean it really did break. I felt actual pain in my heart listening to her. But I couldn't quit my job. We needed my income. I wasn't working for the LOVE of work. I was working for the LOVE of my family. We needed my income. And even though I was able to telecommute from home (which is more than a lot of parents can say) it wasn't enough for her. Skipping out on work, playing hookey to go to her classroom was not an option either. My employers knew when I was not working fulfilling my responsibilities. There is no faking it.

Shortly after I had my heart handed to me by my 6 1/2 year old I found out I was pregnant with child number 4. I was happy about the baby but I was also scared. I wanted to be the kind of mom who went on field trips, played silly games during the day, took them out for ice cream after school or let them ditch school to go to the Arabian Horse Show (which my mom used to take me to every year as a child). I want their childhood memories to be something they look back on with a smile on their face. I don't want their memory to be of me sitting at the computer working all day telling while telling them 'no'.

I remember crying to my husband telling him that I felt I was failing miserably and that something had to give. Something had to change. I had to do SOMETHING! We talked about starting an online business. Since I work on the internet anyway, why not take what I have learned over the past few years and start my own website. The problem was that I didn't think I could do it. I didn't know html and I didn't graduate college with a degree in business or computer technology. I also didn't know what type of business to start. Starting a Home Based Internet Business sounds like a great idea. It is drilling that idea down into workable details that I was having the problem with.

My dad kept telling me about these commercials he had seen on television about people making money working from home on the internet. "Others are doing it. You are smart. Why not you?" So I started looking into it. I was skeptical at best. Listen, I had been a full-time employee and full-time mother for the past several years. I had done my share of searching for a home based JOB. I even tried some "easy" home based businesses where I was supposed to make "big money" in a week. In other words, I had been scammed before. Only now I had to be extra careful. We couldn't afford to lose money. Having 3.5 kids, a mortgage and plenty of other bills, I couldn't afford to be wrong.

I began searching for my online opportunity. This time my searching landed me on the PIPS sale page. I read through it a few times and thought about it a lot. Stone Evans sounded like the real deal to me. I searched for anything on the internet that tied Stone Evans or PIPS (Plug-in Profit Site) to internet scams. Since my current employment dealt with detecting internet fraud I was going to make sure I didn't fall victim to fraud myself. But everything I found only further cemented in my mind that Stone and PIPS were real. I began to get excited about the possibilities that owning my own internet business could bring. Specifically, I began to get excited about what opportunities PIPS could bring. The benefits you get from owning a PIPS site are what sealed the deal for me.

* Complete website already set up with products/offers that make me money. * A website that I have complete control over so I can change, add or remove products. * A 400 day pre-written newsletter that automatically follows-up with visitors for me. * A training guide with step-by-step instructions on how to build my business. * 24/7 support * Access to the Warrior Forum - a forum where internet marketers from all facets of life, all different niches and different experiences converge to share thoughts, ideas, help each other succeed and make beneficial networking contacts. The Warrior Forum even had a PIPS specific part of the forum where all PIPS members could assist each other in finding success.

There were more bonuses included in the PIPS opportunity, but these listed above were what sold me. I took the plunge.

I remember getting my first PIPS sale. I about had a heart attack I was so excited. I couldn't wait to call my husband and my parents to tell them the good news. I then jumped on the Warrior Forum (which has become my home away from home) and shared the news with everyone there. I knew that this was the beginning of a great adventure!

At the time of this writing, I am still employed full-time. My fourth child has been born. Juggling a full-time job with being a full-time parent, building my own internet home based business, keeping up with the house cleaning and laundry and everything that is involved in raising 4 children is hard. I do get overwhelmed at times. Sometimes I feel like I may be drowning. But I look at my children....all FOUR of them and I am reminded of why I am doing this. I am working my business for them. The J.O.B. is temporary. Building my own business will allow me to be the kind of mother I always wanted to be...the kind of mother my children deserve. I am working my business so that I can eventually fire my boss and still bring in the kind of income that will open new doors for my family and finally take some of the pressure off of my husband for a change.

Is there hope for the working parent? Absolutely. But to experience change you have to take an active role in implementing change. Starting a home based business is not a "quick fix". There is no "Get Rich Scheme". You can try other "business" opportunities that promise huge income in a very short time. You will be disappointed. Having a successful home based business requires work. It is up to you how much time and effort you are willing to invest. You will get out what you put in. Remember that you are building something for your future. My future is looking very bright and I have PIPS to thank.

About The Author: Jessica VanderHaar is an Internet Marketer who also enjoys helping others develop their own Internet Home Based Businesses.

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