The Importance Of Trojan Horse Removal

by Rich Beasley - Date: 2007-04-05 - Word Count: 421 Share This!

There was a time when no one thought of a Trojan as anything other than a person or perhaps a condom. Today, there are viruses and such all over the place that most people dread. Most anti virus software can pick up on most of the viruses that show up on your computer, but there are some tricky ones that you have to remove by yourself. Some are somewhere in between, and you may have to find a Trojan horse removal tool to help you get rid of a particularly nasty pest.

A few years ago we got a very nasty virus right after we switched from dial up to DSL Internet service. We ran our anti virus a few times and it would not, or rather could not get if off of our system. My husband had to go online to find out how to do this particular tricky Trojan horse removal. It took him two hours to do it, but he finally got it off of our computer. Just when he finished up we got a call from a friend of ours. She had the same problem. Once she heard that he was able to do Trojan horse removal on our computer she asked if he would please come fix hers.

It got even better after that. That friend got a call from her mother, and she was in need of someone to help her with her computer as well. By the time the weekend was over, my husband had done Trojan horse removal on six different computers, and they were all the same Trojan. I told him that he was nuts for doing this, and that he should have charge for each Trojan horse removal he did that weekend. I was kidding with him, of course, as it was very nice of him to spend almost his whole weekend helping others out.

My husband is not a computer expert by any means. He is not a pro at Trojan horse removal, nor has he had to do it very many times. He is very good at following directions though, and that is why he was so successful with that particular Trojan. If you have a problem where you simply cannot get something off of your system with your anti virus software, you may have to look online for Trojan horse removal instructions. Just make sure you take your time and do each step exactly as described and you should have no problems with getting the nasty stuff off of your system.

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