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Spyware is any type of program that installs itself on a computer without the knowledge of the user and uses the Internet connection without the permission of the user. Removing spyware using spyware removal programs such as Ad-ware and Spybot can solve this problem. These spyware removal tools can only be effective if their definition files are properly updated. This is because uninstalling the program attached to the spyware may not remove it.

Some of the other common programs that are similar to spyware are datamining, aggressive advertising, parasites, scumware, key loggers, selected Trojans, dialers, malware, Browser hijackers, and tracking components. Many P2P clients such as Bearshare, LimeWire, Kazaa and Grokster are common sources of acquiring spyware.

There are two types of spyware removal tools. The first one prevents the spyware from entering the system and the other focuses on detecting and eliminating the spyware. Usually, detection and removal of a spyware is much simpler compared to prevention. These anti-spyware programs detect and remove the spyware by scanning all the program files and directory systems in the computer.

Thus, a frequently updated database is required for this anti-spyware software to work efficiently. The main reason for this is that newer versions of spyware are regularly released. Some other spyware programs work in pairs and resist the anti-spyware program. It is possible that one spyware program replaces the one eliminated by the anti-spyware program thus bringing the user back to "square-one."

The market is also flooded with fake anti-spyware programs that are marketed as anti-virus removal programs. The buyer should be aware of such programs and shun their use since they may compound the problem by installing their own spyware in the computer.

Some of the popular and effective anti- spyware programs are Microsoft beta (now Windows defender), Webroot Spy Sweeper, PC Tools' Spyware Doctor, ParetoLogic's XoftSpy, and Sunbelt's Counterspy, which uses a forked codebase from the GIANT Anti-Spyware product.

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