Tomtom Xl 340-s Plus Review

by J. Wooten - Date: 2009-09-22 - Word Count: 539 Share This!

You could travel with someone legendary like Mr. T. He would never get lost in the wilderness with his TomTom XL 340-S. He would pity just one fool, himself. The XL-340 can easily be mounted to your windshield and prevent you from becoming the main ingredient in a witch's brew.

The TomTom XL 360-S offers a feature called "advanced lane guidance". Other GPS devices on the market do not include this feature and you have to become a drunk driver and swerve all over the road because you missed an exit. On this GPS, a diagram is laid out for you with flashing arrows that tell you where you need to go.

Another feature include is "IQ routes". These routes calculate road data for the quickest route you should use to arrive at your destination quickly. If you are driving in heavy traffic, this GPS will guide you to the nearby roads with lighter traffic. It's a great feature and you won't need to rely on the speed limit.

This GPS device has its own built-in software. It can be easily connected to your personal computer or Macintosh. TomTom software automatically installs itself on your computer. This software allows you to plan routes, add maps and add updates. You can even add voices.

If you really do like Mr. T, you can add his legendary vocals to your GPS for just $13. You may also select user created voices to add to the device. If you have a massive ego, just add your own vocals if you want.

The TomTom XL 340-S has tutorials for several features and other bonuses like an emergency help service. You can plan an itinerary and create map corrections (i.e. points of interest, addresses, street names etc.). It is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, this GPS device does not support Bluetooth or real time traffic data (you have to purchase a receiver separately). This GPS device is definitely worth the price of admission. You can pretty much guarantee you will not get lost. Unless you are trapped on Mars or something. This GPS cannot help you back to planet Earth. Sorry to disappoint you. It is a great GPS but not that great! Another feature that is included with the TomTom XL 340-S is North American maps that have over seven million POIs (points of interest). Good news, you will probably never visit all of those places. No harm, no foul.

To summarize, this GPS has more advantages than it has disadvantages. If you want to get stranded on Fantasy Island and be able to find your way home, get this GPS! If you care about Bluetooth or real time traffic data then this is not the right choice for you. The TomTom XL 340-S is popular for a reason; its one of the best GPS devices on the market. One thing that was never mentioned, who names their GPS TomTom? Seriously, Tom Tom is a great name for a music group but for a GPS? You just never know.

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