Michael Jackson's Comments on Today's Memorial Service

by Cherokee Billie - Date: 2009-07-10 - Word Count: 554 Share This!

"I want to thank everyone for being so calm and respectful today. My biggest concern was that people's emotions would override their common sense and they would be carried away with grief. I was honored in my life to have made so many friends and touched so many people's lives in a positive way. It was such a beautiful service and really made me happy. Seeing the dignity of my children today was so beautiful. It shows me that I was a good father because they reflect what I was. I love you my babies and your daddy will always be with you. My spirit will always protect you.

My family is behaving with such control and I know that they are torn up by me leaving them so soon. I love them so much and I will never stop being with them. What we shared together was so precious and these memories are still with me and always will be.

I long for the world to feel the happiness that I experience now that I am free from the confines of my body and celebrity. It's wonderful being surrounded by complete love from the heavenly host. I will continue to watch out for the children's charities that I was involved in. I want to see them continue to receive donations, so that these children have a better life.

Now that the memorial has ended I'm able to transcend completely into spirit. I have many new things to learn and I'm going to be able to help the world far more from the spirit world then I ever was in life. You will know that I am still with you.

It doesn't matter what reports come out about my death. It was my time to leave and no one is to blame. It was so difficult for me to live after all that has happened over the past sixteen years. I always tried to treat people with love and it was used against me. I traveled the world and saw so much poverty and suffering for children that I truly felt I had to make a difference in their lives. I gave of myself and money to help children have a better life. I don't want to see anyone suffer. People just did not understand my idea of giving and many turned against me using my love in a negative way. That's why I ask you not to mourn my death because there is no need. I am free and happy and that's what I want for all people to experience. I began to lose control of my emotions because I was so devastated by people's misjudgment of me. Now I see the folly of my emotions and realize I could have done things differently. What is done is done.

The only regret I have is that I will not be able to guide my children as they grow. I know that my family will take over and continue the work that I started with my children. I love them so much and I don't want them to suffer any further. I ask that everybody send love and God's Light to my family every day so that they recover and live happily.

I will continue to communicate with you and I will always be with you. I love you, Michael."

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