10 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Conversion Rate

by Chad Thomas - Date: 2007-05-01 - Word Count: 403 Share This!

Increasing a website's sales is just a matter of getting more traffic and/or improving the sales process. Testing allows you to tweak your sales copy by trying new things and seeing what works best.

Unfortunately, testing takes time and you probably don't want to spend that time testing things that don't work. So here are some proven test results of mine that should give you the most bang for your buck (time).

One thing you should always keep in mind is that what works for one market or sales letter may not work for another, so it's important to test every change you make to your sales page.

Here are some results, (the ones I can remember) that have boosted my conversion rate…

1. Use a dark blue background on your website. The color code is #003399 I think. I've tested this many times and every time it has beaten a white or light grey background.

2. Make your headline Black not Red. Red has always lost against Black in my tests.

4. Make your sales page's Table Width between 65 and 70 percent. Thin text is easier to read than wide text.

5. Use a little "Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed" picture in your guarantee. Did I mention you should put your guarantee in a table with a different background color from the rest of the website to make it stand out?

6. Test different PS's because they are one of the most read parts of a sales letter. Try using it to reinforce a deadline, justify the price, or reiterate your guarantee.

7. Add a picture of your product to your sales letter. My tests have shown this to increase conversion rates in most cases.

8. Try adding some audio at the beginning of your sales letter. Something as simple as paraphrasing the first few paragraphs of your sales letter can and has boosted conversions by over 200%.

9. Try adding Video near the top of your sales letter. This is still new territory but early results look very promising.

10. Prices ending with 7 tend to out sell others. This isn't true in all cases and can be tough to figure out, but as a general rule $29.97 will often outsell $29.95.

OK, there ya go… Ten things you can test right now that will almost certainly increase your conversion rate.

Don't forget to test them though (individually), because nothing is an absolute in this business. There may be general rules but there are always exceptions.

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Chad Thomas is a direct marketer, super affiliate, consultant, and author. His specialties are creative marketing ideas, conversion rate improvement, and testing. Get free access to proven marketing advice, test results, and step by step business guides at his website http://www.200ProofMarketing.com right now.

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