Detoxification: Helping Your Kidney Help You!

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The principle task of the kidney is to preserve the volume and composition of the extracellular fluid constant. This it must do despite a varying outside environment, and varying input. A part of this task--but only a part--is to remove from the body some of the waste by-products of metabolism which the cells cannot break down further. Thus the principal function of the kidney is not excretion, but regulation. We can move and live on dry land, even though we are three-quarters water, and survive; our cells tucked away in a carefully preserved ocean of extracellular fluid, whose composition is guarded with exquisite accuracy by the kidneys, a major part of our life-support system in this hostile environment. We can roam into deserts, and (usually) survive, or drink a six-pack of beer, or starve, or gorge, but essentially the extracellular soup remains of a constant composition, and because of this, the composition of the cells themselves is constant.

A good cleansing program should always begin by removing the waste in your colon, the last portion of your food processing chain. If you attempt to clean your liver, blood, or lymph system without first addressing a waste-filled bowel, the excreted toxins will only get recycled back into your body.

Detox and Weight loss

For example: if someone improves his eating habits (for example eating a lot of fruit or quitting on dairy products) and loses weight, not only does the body have to burn the fat, it also has to cope with toxic waste that is embedded within the fat. So if your body is burning that fat it is very likely that you will feel ill because your body also burns the toxic waste products embedded within that fat.

During the chelation process many beneficial changes occur at the cellular level. A synthetic amino acid called EDTA is administered to the patient via intravenous drip. Once in the bloodstream, EDTA attaches itself to heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury and holds onto those toxic substances until they exit the body through the urine. Dr. Dayton explains why removal of these substances is vital to good health: "The toxic material prevents normal function and repair. For example, lead prevents normal enzymatic processes so that the body cannot function properly and repair itself. This leads to premature aging and the premature development of disease. Removal of toxic material through chelation keeps the body functioning optimally."

Fruit Detox

If you haven't eaten fruit and vegetables on a regular basis and you start to eat a lot of fruit, your body will detoxify itself first. Even if you don't change your use of stimulants! Fruit can be used to help your body detoxify. The best way of doing this is not to eat anything but fruit until noon. Till that time your body is still busy detoxifying from the night before. Now you know why people always drink freshly squeezed orange- or grapefruit juice in the morning.

Best Detox Method: Sauna Therapy

A sauna is an excellent way to benefit from overheating therapy. In addition to an artificially induced fever, the sauna is specifically conducive to profuse therapeutic sweating. The skin is our largest eliminative organ. It is generally considered that the skin should eliminate 30% of the body wastes by way of perspiration. Taking sauna baths regularly will help to restore and revitalize the cleansing activity of the skin. Imagine million of pores poring out sweat containing all kinds of toxins! The most effective detox organ in our body is our skin. Many also do not know that our sweat contains much more toxins than urine itself!

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