Career, Never Put All Your Eggs In Ine Basket

by JEFFREY SOLOCHEK - Date: 2008-05-19 - Word Count: 646 Share This!

My Grandmother always said the following two things often. Number one was to never lay all your eggs in one basket and number two was to never count your chickens before they hatched. I now use both pieces of advice religiously. She was very successful in both business and in life. My Grandmother was very successful in both business and in life.

I try to pass advice along to my kids but they are stubborn like I was at that age and because of this they are destined to repeat the mistakes I made.. I am far from perfect and still tend to make errors in my own life. Recently, while working ay a local restaurant, I lost my temper and just quit. I thought I'd be able to replace this job easily enough but it has now been over a month and I've applied everywhere and for everything and I still have yet to find a replacement.

My youngest son has a web business that produces a good income. He first outsourced a programmer to build an app for sites like MySpace but the only problem was as soon as he found somebody who said they could build the app he stopped looking at others. Had this programmer worked out it would have been great but he was in a country with limited online access and he was always demanding more and more money. The original quote from the programmer was $3,000 complete for everything including the source code. After the programmer finished the coding he then was asking for like $50,000 for the source code.

Had my son had several different programmers he could then have decided on the one that worked the fastest, the less costliest, and the one with great support. The app ended up costing less than a thousand dollars and this was with the source code. The next problem he ran into was with payment processing. At first he chose Paypal but after several months they froze his account and several thousand dollars at the time was in his account. He then got set up with but in the end they had problems with web based businesses. He should have just applied with as many as possible plus I had him sign up for Mobilepay so that he can offer his customers other options.

Nowadays besides just having the one product has has 15 products and he is always planning for more.. My eldest son does the same as his brother. Recently he needed to find a new job and rather than apply at every place he could in the same day he applies for one job and waits until he heres back from them before applying for another. This way it is going to take him all year to find a damn job..

As of today I now have 1 full time job, another part time job and I take freelance programming assignments. Never count on just one income for everything. Even with Spyware solutions for my computer, I have several programs and the same goes with antivirus software. I have Internet Explorer, Firefox and two other browsers I can use and if something happens to my connection I have other options. The easiest way to put everything into perspective is never have just one pair of underwear that you wash every night. Instead have like 14 pairs otherwise if something happens to the washer or dryer you have other clean pairs. Jeffrey A. Solochek grew up in WhiteFish Bay, Wisconsin but now resides in Brunswick, Georgia. He is an established authority on his niches of life, business, and marketing. Mr Solochek has a lot of great experiences and he writes about everything leaving out any sugarcoating. All his writings containsNo BS, No FluffPlus everything he writes always contains a blend of his unique wit and humor.

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