Fantastic Flame Screensaver

by Robert Bell - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 454 Share This!

If you are looking for something that's very compelling and cool running on your computer when you are not using it, then check out for Fantastic Flame Screensaver, a screensaver you may not soon forget.

Fantastic Flame Screensaver: Wow! Your Desktop Is Burning!

Watching fire is exciting. People love it! There is some pre-historic magic in it. Fantastic Flame Screensaver from Laconic Software delivers the magic of a real-life fire experience direct to your computer desktop. Just take yourself a little break and watch the desktop dim out and start glowing ardent orange when your computer has been idle for some time. Just watching it and listening to the cracking and popping sounds of the fire makes you feel so good that you don't care about troubles anymore. Just relax and unwind yourself!

Fantastic Flame Screensaver sets a relaxing and romantic mood any time of the year, especially during cold winter nights. The glorious flames are curling up and dancing on the desktop, licking desktop icons and open windows as if they were wooden logs in the fireplace. But the desktop is not the only thing that can burn. There is a large library of background images and fire styles, so that you can change the background and bring up something awesome like flaming Biohazard or Dragon Wall sign onto the desktop! The library of signs and fire styles is great and is constantly being updated by Laconic's in-house artists.

Music and sounds can be customized to your preferences too. There is a choice of over nine cracking sounds to choose from and a set of music tracks, among which there is Abba's Happy New Year, Enya's Only Time, Bittersweet by The Verve and seven other hits. Besides, you can select your own music file that suits your current mood and listen to it. Other interesting options include an opportunity to start the screensaver with a hotkey press, an ability to create your own custom flame in the built-in editor, and an opportunity to make snapshots of your blazing desktop anytime. Fantastic Flame Screensaver gives you much freedom in configuring your frame palette, speed, spires length, and many other settings.

Please, explore the Laconic's site at to learn more details about the screensaver or see the screenshots of fire stiles and image backgrounds.

Pricing and Availability Fantastic Flame Screensaver runs under Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista and costs $19.95 (USD). Licensed users are entitled to free technical support by email. Additional information on the screensaver, a set of screenshots, as well as its free evaluation copy is available from Alexander is the author of Fantastic Flame Screensaver. You can find more information at

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