Am I Alone With Hair Loss?

by Jim Hampton - Date: 2007-04-15 - Word Count: 705 Share This!

Did you know that you're not the only one that has a
problem with hair loss? In fact there are millions of
people around the world that are afflicted with hair loss.
So you're in good company and there are plenty of people
just like you that want their hair back.

I will dispel popular myths and beliefs about hair loss
through some true or false questions later in this article.

What are the basic hair facts?

No matter what type of hairstyle you have the amount of
hairs on a healthy head are about 100,000. We have a daily
loss of hair of between 50-100 hairs daily. The hairs that
are grown on our head usually lasts up to 5 years before
they shed and make room for new hairs to start the cycle all
over again.

It's when this cycle is interrupted and new hairs are not
formed, as well as more than 50-100 hairs are lost daily is
when hair loss becomes more defined to us in a real personal

How to tell if you're in the initial stages of hair loss.

This is only a very basic test to see if you do have initial
stages of hair loss. If you are starting to notice an
unusual amount of hair loss after you shampoo or when you
comb your hair, try grabbing a small clump of your hair and
start pulling ever so gently. If more than six hairs come
out of your scalp you may want to investigate further into
the possibility of a hair loss situation.

Some basic reasons of hair loss.

If you do experience a clump of hair taken out then you have
to start asking yourself some questions. For instance, have
you started taking any medication that might impeded the
growth process of your hair? Am I under undue stress that
might cause hair loss symptoms?
Be advised that there is a reason for everything that
happens to you. You just have to find the root cause. But
there is some exciting news on the horizon in identifying
the cause of hair loss.

In 1998, researchers at Columbia University in New York
announced the discovery of a gene that appears to be the
predominant factor for hair growth. They found the gene
after comparing the genes of hairless mice belonging to a
mutant breed and comparing the genes of other members of
the same family who had lost all their hair. This discovery
is significant because this will help understand how the
growth hair stages are formed and how baldness happens which
may lead to effective treatment in the cure of hair loss.

So how is your belief barometer these days in the hair loss
category? I will list some common beliefs and give you some
answers that might astound you.

Can some hairstyles cause hair loss? Well of course it can,
if you have a hairstyle that's so tight your hair can't
breathe. I would say that if you want the latest hair style
at least save your hair for it.

Can brushing your hair excessively on a daily basis help
blood circulation to the hair roots and prevent hair loss?
The answer is no, in fact if you do brush your hair that
much on a daily basis you are more likely to promote hair
loss than to prevent it.

Do wigs, hairpieces and the like prevent your hair from
growing and promotes even more hair loss? Of course not,
hair loss treatment is not prevented if you want to cover up
the areas while you are using medication.

Can stress cause hair loss?
Yes. If you don't have a good emotional healthy makeup of
your personality and you encounter undue stress then
chemicals are enacted within yourself that may cause hair

So in conclusion, I'm hoping you realize that you are not
alone in the world of hair loss. There are many people that
have this problem and are looking for answers to cure it.
But take heed to the fact that researchers are on the job
every single day trying to find the root reason of hair loss
and looking for a cure for it as well.

As well as dispelling some myths about hair loss might help
relieve your conscience and put some facts on the table
about hair loss.

Never give up on experimenting with re-growing your hair.
If you stop then you'll never find out what will work much
less what won't work in the area of hair loss.

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