Audio Mastering Process

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AnokisProductions Audio Recording Studio places a high emphasis on the Audio Mastering Process.

Anokis Productions offers state of the Art Technology in Music Recording
CD & Audio MasteringMusic ProductionCo-Production with professional recording artists.

Technical knowledge and reliability is our Video Production company's motto - you must have excellent equipment if you don't our Audio Recording Studio will provide professional gear.

Our music video production company uses:
Mesa Boogie amplificationsGibson guitarsMonster cablesBlue condenser micsTriggersSM57sShure and 58sBETA 52s andEverything you need to make your Music Production a success.

But musical decisions make over an artistic viewpoint as well. Our engineers are skilled musicians.

Master your Music with Anokis Productions and work with one of the professional experts in the market of Audio Recording. You will get the personalized Audio Mastering your work deserves.

Our Video Productioncompany can meet any Competitive Professional Post-Production prices, and provide you with the top of the line professional Audio Mastering Services.

All the aspects of the Post-Production Process are covered and our music video productions company specializes in:CD RestorationMasteringBroadcasting Noise ReductionRecordingMixing Stereo Digital Tracks and Mono TracksEQ and Compression, etc.

Audio Recording is a full service professional music video production company delivering high end, content rich products, crossing film with digital animation. Our music video production team of experienced music video production specialists produces world-class live music videos, promotional videos, trailers and many other services at very affordable prices.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us or
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