An Infopreneur's Key To Explosive Success -the Psychology Behind Why People Buy Information Products

by Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian - Date: 2007-03-31 - Word Count: 574 Share This!

As an infopreneur, always remember you are dealing with people. And people have emotions. These emotions are powerful drivers, governing almost all decisions they make - including buying decisions.

To be a successful infopreneur, your information must appeal to any one (or better still, more than one) of these very important emotions:

* Fear
* Greed
* Vanity
* Lust
* Pride
* Envy
* Laziness

These are powerful emotions. Yes, they are 'negative' emotions - but still, they are important. Let's look at a few case studies and examples of infopreneurs using these effective hooks to sell info-products.

The 'Fear' Hook

Do you play the stock market? (Or to put it more euphemistically, are you an 'investor' in stocks and shares?)

If so, you probably subscribe to magazines, newsletters and membership services that give you stock picking tips and advice. These are information products, and those selling to you are infopreneurs who often harness their marketing to the emotion of fear.

When you have cash invested in stocks, what are you afraid of? A market crash!

And what if I could teach you how to predict or foresee a coming crash - before it happens. Or show you how your portfolio can be guarded against a crash, even if it occurs before you cash out. Isn't that information you would love to own?

I've just played on your fear. Fear of loss. Fear of being caught unawares. Fear of being trapped, financially crippled, going bankrupt.

The 'Vanity' Hook

Imagine you look and feel like Marilyn Monroe in her heyday - and are as old as her too. Your friends envy your timeless beauty, your unwrinkled skin, your nimble agility, your bright smile - while sadly comparing it with their own pot-bellies, arthritic fingers and asthmatic wheeze when climbing a few stairs.

Now what if you wrote a book showing them how to reverse the aging process, look
and feel young again, recapture their youth. Teach them how to look like you, even if they are older, weaker, less healthy. Paint a rosy picture of a future where they enjoy years of glowing good health.

Will people buy your book? Sure, they'll be lining up all round the block, waiting with cash in hand.

Because you appealed to their vanity.

The 'Laziness' Hook

You might wonder just how powerful a trigger laziness could be.

A friend of mine wrote a popular book and sold it in electronic format. It taught people who worked at computers, spending hours every day sitting in front of their machines, a simple set of exercises to keep them fit... without getting out of their seats!

It sold like hot-cakes... because it appealed to the buyers' laziness. Get fit while you sit. It just doesn't get more attractive than that!

Each of the triggers listed above has similar potency in eliciting a response from prospects. Often, infopreneurs tap into a product idea that appeals to more than one of these emotions, dramatically increasing the profit potential of their creation.

So as part of your niche research as an infopreneur, see if an information product based on your experience and expertise will help solve a problem or provide a benefit - while appealing to one of the 'hooks' above.

Prepare a list of potential topics you can cover. Make a note beside each idea, about which emotions it appeals to. Later on, when you start looking for a niche to start working in, this will become a major determinant of your final choice.

The information product that appeals to the most people will be the one that can pull the most 'triggers'.

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