A Poem a Day Keeps the Heartache Away

by Joe Pagano - Date: 2006-12-06 - Word Count: 388 Share This!

In this complex world of technological gadgetry, we run at a pace which would make our ancestors blush at the thought. Faxes are not even fast enough as we have email which is instantaneous. And no matter that you are not at your computer because many cell phones deliver email in a snap. The latest news from abroad-good or bad-the latest stock quotes to brighten or stress your day-it's all there in a digitally quick transmission of electrons. Is it any wonder that we have little or no time for self-reflection, for a quiet moment far from the maddening crowd?

The halcyon days of yore often seem like a distant memory. I remember the highlight of my day when I could sit in my room for several hours and savor the classics-from Tolstoy to Shakespeare from Hardy to Keats-the books containing these great works lined my shelves like eager moss lining its host tree. Whenever I would read such great literature, and particularly after memorizing some passage from one of the books or some verse from one of the classic poems, I would feel a soothing sense of good that today seems like a distant memory. The warmth I felt from reading the Shakespearean sonnets or those of Barrett Browning, and the delight I got from reading Keats' "Elegy Written in a Country Courtyard" inspired me to new heights and eased any heartache I felt from being trapped in the mundane existence I felt compelled to live.

Probably for the reasons stated, I was inspired to write poetry. Poetry has a way of enduring long after the death of the poet, but more importantly poetry has a way of easing the heartache that is often imposed on us from daily living. Because poetry expresses things in a flowery and symbolic way, this mode of communication gives the reader the chance to spend a moment in quiet self-reflection and this very act becomes the anodyne to heartache. Moreover, if we infuse faith into the poetry and shift their focus to a higher realm and a higher being-indeed God our Creator-then we have the recipe to relieve all sorrow and pain.

So do yourself a favor and ease some heartache today. Read a poem or two and start doing some quiet self-reflection.

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