4 Steps to Master Search Engine Optimization

by Tan KC - Date: 2007-03-25 - Word Count: 427 Share This!

Learning how to optimize a site can be difficult if one started his/her learning journey on the wrong track. Many Webmasters do not realize how significant is the impact by utilizing black hat techniques on their sites by blindly following advices from some search engine companies or optimizers. This article illustrates four main points on how to begin earning and eventually, mastering Search Engine Optimization.

The first step is to understand what is advised by the search engines. It is highly recommended to read the Google Webmaster Guidelines for a set of basic requirements on how Webmasters should go about designing and optimizing their websites. This set of guidelines also include techniques that should be avoided by the Webmasters such as keyword stuffing or doorway pages.

It is not necessary to go through all the documentation from the search engines. Reading the guidelines from Google is enough as it is the current search engine that brings in most of the traffic. In addition, optimizing for Google is equivalent to doing the same thing for Yahoo and MSN.

The next important step is to read and learn more from expert Search Engine Optimizers. This can be achieved by reading articles or books written by them. Peter Kent, Dave Taylor and Aaron Wall are the experts in this domain and reading their books will certainly help to understand how to employ useful techniques in optimizing a site.

Gaining knowledge from reading books is slower than what is happening on the ground today. Therefore, the next major step is to participate in the online forums and interact with other Webmasters regarding Search Engine Optimization. One popular Webmaster forum is DigitalPoint, this forum always has a huge amount of Search Engine Optimizers online helping each other and sharing valuable latest information. Another benefit for joining such forums is that people can also learn from the mistakes made by others and thus, making the learning more efficient.

The last important step is to experience the whole optimization process ourselves. Search Engine often changes and updates their algorithm so as to pull out the most relevant results to the users. Thus, Webmasters have to keep monitoring their rankings and build incoming links. As incoming links are very important in search engine optimization, the Webmasters have to keep attracting links to their websites so as to achieve a high Search Engine Result Position (SERP).

To conclude, the above four steps are equally important to start off Search Engine Optimization. However, Webmasters should focus on creating interesting and useful content for the visitors and the links will come in no time.

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