Crazy Contact Lenses

by Ken Wilssens - Date: 2007-04-20 - Word Count: 400 Share This!

Contact lenses have evolved from their early history as irritating and hard to manage, through their middle evolution as high-tech, comfortable, and lasting, to the newest phase of being not only sensible but crazy contact lenses. How can they be both sensible and zany at the same time? As the technology for contact lens products has evolved, inspired by their popularity, so has the fashion sense of these otherwise invisible vision aids.

Crazy contact lenses are not exactly as the name implies; they have just as much stability and integrity for functionality as any other kind of contacts, except they look completely wild and insane. For example, there are contacts that look like pinwheels. So when people look you in the eye while you are wearing them, they feel like they are spinning into the windows of your soul. Sound crazy? Well the crazy in contacts is entirely intentional, and is gaining lots of positive attention.

Crazes come and go. The hoolahoop, the pet rock, the Pez dispenser, the twist, and the Beatles haircut that looked like it was done with a big salad bowl over the head. But the trend for crazy contact lenses is here to stay, and everyone from famous celebrities to junior high school kids are getting into them...or shall we say, the contact lenses are getting into their users' eyes...and it is good, clean, vision-enhancing fun.

Crazy contact lenses comes in all sorts of graphic and colorful designs. There are logo designs, stripes, stars, swirls, almost anything you can imagine can be designed onto a pair of contact lenses. Some make a person look hideous, like the ones that look bloodshot or milky or totally darkened around the pupil. Others have the opposite affect, and make a person look utterly attractive, hip, and high fashion. You can mix and match them for every day of the week, or you can buy them to match your outfits and mix them up whenever you go out on the town.

Some performers change their crazy contact lenses for stage wardrobe affects, and will even change the contacts during wardrobe changes, so that a singer who first comes on stage with blue eyes may have the eyes of a stalking tigress before the end of the night.

There is increasing usage of these decorative, fashionable, cosmetic lenses by people who don't wear or need eyeglasses. They just wear them for kicks, like temporary tattoos.

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