Gain Healthy Pregnancy Weight - 4 Simple and Beneficial Exercises by Ali Paine

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Do you feel as though you do not know what types of exercise are right for you now that you are pregnant? When I was pregnant with my child, I was uncertain about what exercises I should do and there was so much conflicting information on the Internet that I wasn't certain where to begin. I would like to share five simple exercises that are beneficial for you as well as your baby.

Walking is one of the greatest forms of exercise available that you can do at any time and anywhere that you choose. It is the safest way to exercise and you can start by simply walking around the block and increase the distance as you go. While you are walking you can enjoy nature and also get away from the house for a little while to give you time to think while providing you with quality time that you can enjoy by yourself or with a friend.

Swimming is another great form of low impact exercise that works out your entire body and also increases your stamina. Another great benefit is that the buoyancy will help you feel lighter which will help ease the pressure on your back and legs. You can start by swimming a few laps and increase the distance as you go.

You can also try weight training but I want to stress that you should only use very light weights without ever putting stress on your back or stomach. You can start with 2 pounds doing three sets of 15 reps per exercise making sure that you do each exercise correctly. Try your best not to over exert yourself and stop immediately if you feel any pain or discomfort. This will help you improve your strength and should be used in conjunction with some type of aerobic exercise.

If you feel you have the flexibility and stamina, you can try yoga or Pilates for total body conditioning. This is a great low to no impact exercise and once again, you should find a class that specializes in expecting mothers so that the instructor will help you achieve your goals without you hurting yourself. Rest when you feel you need to and always listen to your body whenever it tells you to stop.

There are many forms of exercise and these are just five that you can begin during your pregnancy to increase your strength, stamina and flexibility as you get ready to deliver your baby. Before beginning any of these exercises, be sure to consult your doctor to see if any limitations will be placed upon your chosen exercise routine. Always drink plenty of water and stop exercising whenever you feel it is necessary. Have fun and I wish you and your baby the best of health during and after your pregnancy.

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