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Found in Southern Europe, there are a number of locations you can visit in Italy. Two of the largest island found in the Mediterranean Sea can be located in this area: Sicily and Sardinia. Since tourism is an integral part of the Italian economy, there are a number of places for accommodations found in the area. Choose a luxury or cheap motel located here. These hotels handle over 43.6 million visitors every year and it grows each time. According to statistics, Italy is the fifth favorite destination for tourists around the world. The reason for the arrival of visitors in the area is the number of historical artifacts, shopping locations, and entertainment districts in the area. Whether you are looking into the rich history of Italy or the amount of entertainment you will acquire. One thing is for sure; a vacation in Italy is worth every cent.

Before visiting Italy consider what kind of vacation you would like to acquire. This will be helpful in deciding which hotel you will book in Italy and which city you will decide to stay in. Each city has something special to offer. Whether you want to experience a winter wonderland, a great view of the sun, the historical past of Italy, or simply to see the most beautiful cities of the world, there is a specific city in Italy you can visit.

Thousands of visitors each year come to Italy to view the different attractions in the Alps. The winter sports they can participate in the area are what they crave most. If this is of interest to you, you will surely appreciate to know that there is numerous luxury or cheap motel in the cities here. If you want a sun holiday, the southern coastal cities are the best areas to situate yourself. The range of landscapes you will find in the area is wonderful. The view of the sun in this location complements the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea providing you with a breathtaking background.

The third most visited location in Europe is Rome. This wonderful city can bring the past back to life with its spectacular Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Visit the Coliseum, Vatican, Trastevere, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain. You will soon realize that the time allotted for this city is not enough which will keep you visiting the city again and again. Since this area of Italy is popularly visited choices for a luxury or cheap motel in the area are many. Choose one that is near the attractions you wish to see.

Other cities in Italy are Florence and Venice. The number of museums found in these cities is abundant. Venice has always been a popular destination for the lovers. The Gondola has been a famous attraction around the world. It has been used for centuries and up to the present, it still play a big role in Venice's transportation. This is something you should not miss when you visit Venice.

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