The Best Vacuum Cleaner is the One that Fits Your Situation

by Abbie Frank - Date: 2007-02-07 - Word Count: 489 Share This!

There are many companies selling vacuum cleaners in the market today that claim that they are the best. But all of them have in common is an over active marketing department that will focus on some aspect or benefit of their product, while ignoring the weaker aspects of that same vacuum cleaner. It's our job as consumers not to disagree or argue with their assumptions but to find the best product that fits our needs.

That said, recognize that there is no best product, because no individual vacuum could be considered a one-size-fits-all perfect product for everyone. A good example of this is just in the weight of the machine. An older person may have a difficult time with a heavier vacuum cleaner, though it may pick up somewhat better. At the same time, a family with small children may need a vacuum with higher suction capability to pick up all the little food crumbs and dirt track down.

So the question is, which vacuum is better? The answer is that the vacuum that fits your needs is the best product for you. While any benefit, such as suction or vacuuming capability is important, there's always a trade-off with other features. The absolute best vacuum cleaner in the world is worthless if it's so heavy that the user can't move it up and down the stairs.

For the most part, vacuum sweepers and cleaners can be broken into several categories that will allow you to limit your selection to only those that have the most important features for your situation.

The first consideration is, if you want a canister or an upright vacuum cleaner. While uprights continue to grow in popularity, many people simply prefer a canister vacuum. If only because they tend to be easier to use when vacuuming. Pick which type of unit you prefer, and you've eliminated over half the products on the market.

The next consideration is if you want a bagless or a bag design. While bagless or cyclonic vortex vacuums are popular because they don't lose suction as they fill, their weakness is that the dirt container is typically much smaller than a bag. If you have allergies and dust causes you breathing problems, a bagless vacuum that needs emptied a lot more is probably not well suited to your needs.

Once you've made the decision on the vacuum cleaner design and if you want bagless or bag dirt capturing capability, the final consideration should be usability. A professional couple with no children, simply do not need to spend the additional money for a high-quality vacuum cleaner to remove light dust and dirt.

Once you've made this final decision, picking a vacuum cleaner becomes much easier. Price, warranty, and additional functionality and features can be used to make your final purchase selection. The vacuum cleaner that you select will not meet everyone's definition of being the best product on the market, but it will be the best vacuum for you.

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