What Are Apprenticeships And What Are The Benefits?

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By definition, Apprenticeships are a new generation of training which combines the study of a specific skill or trade and the on-job training learning through observation and imitation.

An apprentice is someone who learns on the job whilst still receiving formal training from a college or school. You can now do an apprenticeship in pretty much anything, there is a huge variety and choice.

The Apprentice will receive a qualification at the end of the course which they can take with them for the rest of their lives in any employment. The course requires all apprentices in all areas to have a job throughout their training at college. This job should be local to the college or within the local area due to the fact that the student's time will be split between the two. Therefore if you are studying apprenticeships in Durham, it would be wise to have a job close to Durham for ease of studying and working.

Apprentices are also employees as they are recruited by the company they do their work experience with. This means that they are paid for their work and contribution to the company whilst still training. This allows apprenticeships to earn a wage whilst working alongside experts in the field to gain job-specific skills. By using local companies to work alongside, students receive the best training in a convenient location and are also contributing to the local community. For example, apprenticeships in Sunderland will work alongside local companies and therefore not only benefit themselves but the local businesses as well.

Apprenticeships work both in favour of the student and the business. This is because the student receives great on-the-job training whilst still earning a good wage. This is something which attracts a lot of people as it gives them the freedom of a fixed monthly salary, paid holiday and training toward a qualification. The company also benefits in the hiring of an apprentice as it gives them access to great young potential which they can train up to complete specific tasks for the benefit of the team. Many employees end up hiring their apprentices as full time staff as once training is completed; they are perfect for the job in hand.
There are a huge array of apprenticeships available across the country, from apprenticeships in Hartlepool to Cardiff. In order to start an apprenticeship, the only requirements are that you are living permanently in the UK, Over 16 and no longer in full time education. This means they are available for almost everyone!

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