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Origin of Baby Showers, Shower Invitations for Baby Shower Party Celebrations

If you're preparing some Shower Invitations, you may have stopped for a moment to wonder how the entire tradition of hosting these events even began. After all, they seem so commonplace today that it's hard to imagine a time without original Baby Shower Invitations. However, if you're interested in learning about the Baby Shower Party then now is the right time to learn a little history.

The Early History of the Baby Shower Party

The Origin of Baby Showers probably took place thousands of years ago in one of the earliest human civilizations, such as Egypt or Rome. Some historians believe they have found evidence that suggest women practiced similar types of events to what we call baby showers today. However, these events were less about celebrating and more about helping the new mother prepare for her baby.

Generally, you wouldn't throw one of these events until after the baby was already born. That was probably a good idea since ultrasound machines hadn't been predicted and the sex of the baby would be unknown until after birth. Plus, many newborns didn't live for very long in these early civilizations so there was no point celebrating until it was clear the new parents had something to celebrate.

How Baby Showers Got Started in Modern Times

Even in more recent times, the baby was rarely celebrated immediately. During the 19th century, for example, new mothers and their babies would be secluded from the rest of society for about a month. Then they would make a stunning debut with a party (their equivalent of baby showers) and usually another major event, such as a christening or baptism.

The seclusion and debut tradition continued throughout Victorian times. However, some women began to also have tea parties for women who were expecting. During these women-only get-togethers, the women could talk about their relationships before the baby arrived. They might also be able to share some helpful advice on being a mom. In fact, these women were sometimes also allowed to visit the new mother and her child during their secluded period. These visits would be accompanied by gifts and plenty of conversation to keep the mother occupied. Most of these traditions have now been incorporated into today's Baby Shower Invitations. However, the real changes didn't begin until the 1900's.

Baby Shower Planning after World War II

Many parts of American life changed dramatically after World War II. Because more money was being made, people were able to buy more things and they could live in ways their earlier generations had never dreamed of. Baby showers became a part of these changes. In fact, the origin of baby showers modern came because people wanted to show off their newfound prosperity with any excuse for a great party and what better excuse was there then a new baby.

What began as a practical event which allowed new mothers to receive what she needed for her new baby eventually became a huge celebration with Baby Shower Games, food, entertainment, Baby Shower Diaper Cakes and lots of gifts for the mother and the baby. We've clearly come a long way from the original baby shower.

Baby Shower Types

As you begin planning your shower party, you will want to review the Purpose of Baby Showers, and try and select the most fun Games Baby Shower. To plan for the big event, you will need to decide from among the various types of baby showers you want to host. Surprise Baby Showers are one of the more popular, but only if the circumstances are right. For new moms who have already given birth to another child, third or other baby born, Sprinkle Baby Showers are really popular, and if you are having the event after the baby is born, you might try the Welcome Home Baby Showers. And, for both sexes, you will want to have Co-ed Baby Showers or Couples Baby Showers.

Once you've chosen invitations that match the theme, you'll need to get those Baby Invitations in the mail and manage the RSVP responses. If it sounds like a lot of work, just remember the big reward of baby shower planning is the happy face of the mom-to-be during the event.

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