Something Miraculous....

by Ernie Fitzpatrick - Date: 2008-08-02 - Word Count: 267 Share This!

We can at all times say with assuredness, something miraculous is happening in me right now. Eight words that speak volumes. Eight words that at minimum testify to the miracle of a beating heart- lungs that expand and contract. That I am ALIVE in this moment that I type these words is a miracle in progress- just as is the miracle that you're reading this! 

The phrase has the potential to transform our lives- once we BELIEVE!

Repitition throughout the day is a start; however, when these eight words BECOME YOU, life changes. I AM a miracle. And I AM living such a minor, farm league miraculous life that I'm almost ashamed. Jesus says that we will do even greater miracles than he did. Where are they?

Eccl. 3:15 call us to rememebr that everything exists in this moment- NOW!

How much time did you spend today thinking about what went wrong yesterday, what you should have done better last week? How much time have you spent today worrying about the events of tomorrow, or at least those that you think will happen? Many worry about paying for college tuition for their kids- who are just in the third grade.

Life IS HAPPENING and it is happening NOW!

Once you begin to SEE, SENSE, and BE the phrase that you're using as a mantra or confession of spiritual reality, little that is negative in life can have power over you. Yes, "stuff" will happen; we're humans. However, the stuff won't impact you and won't linger. Why? Because you are know that something miraculous IS happening IN YOU right NOW!

Can you FEEL it?

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As a spiritual-futurist my commentaries and articles deal primarily with an interpretation of current events in light of macro-universal forces at play.

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